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Nintendo Switch game “Megaton Musashi X (Cross)” 11 cheat codes download, compatible with version 2.2.0, for other versions please search within this site.

The story of “Megaton Musashi X” will accompany the broadcast of the second season of the anime, telling the complete story from the beginning of the previous installment to the end of the second season of the anime.

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes, interested players can come and give it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 2.2.0

Megaton Musashi X (Cross) v2.2.0 TID=0100571018A70000 BID=EDBC3572D2109B44

[Megaton Musashi X (Cross) v2.2.0 TID=0100571018A70000 BID=EDBC3572D2109B44]
[Restore Code (Use after unchecking any cheats below)]
040E0000 01BE3880 39418408
040E0000 01BE2CF0 6DBD23E9
040E0000 01BEE160 39418408
040E0000 024178D4 2A0103F5
040E0000 02418164 2A0103F4
040E0000 02417E44 2A0103F4
040E0000 023DE3E8 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DE5E8 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DE828 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DEB48 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DEE58 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DF168 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DF3A8 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DF5E8 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DF828 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DFA28 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DFD48 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DFF48 2A0203F3
040E0000 023E0188 2A0203F3
040E0000 023E03C8 2A0203F3
040E0000 023E07E8 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DEBD8 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DEEE8 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DE8B8 2A0203F3
040E0000 02FF5868 2A0103F4
040E0000 024182F0 2A0103F3
040E0000 029DA7A4 B904B268
040E0000 02418F54 2A0103F4
040E0000 023DE0CC 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DE6EC 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DEA0C 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DED1C 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DF02C 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DF26C 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DF4AC 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DF6EC 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DFC0C 2A0203F3
040E0000 023E004C 2A0203F3
040E0000 023E028C 2A0203F3
040E0000 023E04CC 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DE2EC 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DE4EC 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DF92C 2A0203F3
040E0000 023DFE4C 2A0203F3
040E0000 023E06EC 2A0203F3
040E0000 0252ED90 54000185
040E0000 0296BFEC 52A7F009

[№ 1. Infinite HP/Medicine/Items]
040E0000 01BE3880 52800028

[№ 2. Infinite TP and Boost]
040E0000 01BE2CF0 D65F03C0

[№ 3. Infinite Ammo]
040E0000 01BEE160 52800028

[№ 4. 5x EXP]
040E0000 024178D4 0B010835

[№ 5. 5x Money/PilotPoint(PP)]
040E0000 02418164 0B010834
040E0000 02417E44 0B010834

[№ 6. 5x Items/Materials etc.]
040E0000 023DE3E8 0B020853
040E0000 023DE5E8 0B020853
040E0000 023DE828 0B020853
040E0000 023DEB48 0B020853
040E0000 023DEE58 0B020853
040E0000 023DF168 0B020853
040E0000 023DF3A8 0B020853
040E0000 023DF5E8 0B020853
040E0000 023DF828 0B020853
040E0000 023DFA28 0B020853
040E0000 023DFD48 0B020853
040E0000 023DFF48 0B020853
040E0000 023E0188 0B020853
040E0000 023E03C8 0B020853
040E0000 023E07E8 0B020853
040E0000 023DEBD8 0B020853
040E0000 023DEEE8 0B020853
040E0000 023DE8B8 0B020853
040E0000 02FF5868 0B010834

[№ 7. Money/PP never decrease]
040E0000 024182F0 2A1F03F3
040E0000 029DA7A4 D503201F
040E0000 02418F54 2A1F03F4

[№ 8. Items/Materials etc. never decrease]
040E0000 023DE0CC 2A1F03F3
040E0000 023DE6EC 2A1F03F3
040E0000 023DEA0C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 023DED1C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 023DF02C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 023DF26C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 023DF4AC 2A1F03F3
040E0000 023DF6EC 2A1F03F3
040E0000 023DFC0C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 023E004C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 023E028C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 023E04CC 2A1F03F3
040E0000 023DE2EC 2A1F03F3
040E0000 023DE4EC 2A1F03F3
040E0000 023DF92C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 023DFE4C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 023E06EC 2A1F03F3

[№ 9. 100% Legendary in Recycle Production]
040E0000 0252ED90 D503201F
040E0000 0296BFEC 52A85909

[№10. 60 FPS]
580F0000 0B8A9130
780F0000 00000F14
640F0000 00000000 00000001

[№11. 30 FPS]
580F0000 0B8A9130
780F0000 00000F14
640F0000 00000000 00000002

Megaton Musashi X (Cross) – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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