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Nintendo Switch game “Megaton Musashi X (Cross)” 11 cheat codes download, compatible with version 327680, for other versions please search within this site.

In the hard science fiction action RPG “Megaton Musashi”, players need to control giant robots and engage in a final desperate resistance against human enemies.

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes, interested players can come and give it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 327680

Megaton Musashi X (Cross) v327680 TID=0100571018A70000 BID=336CBE521EBB4A4A

[Megaton Musashi X (Cross) v327680 TID=0100571018A70000 BID=336CBE521EBB4A4A]
[Restore Code (Use after unchecking any cheats below)]
040E0000 01A49B70 39418408
040E0000 01A48FE0 6DBD23E9
040E0000 01A538B0 39418408
040E0000 051DD284 2A0103F5
040E0000 051DDB14 2A0103F4
040E0000 051DD7F4 2A0103F4
040E0000 01FF3C08 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF3E08 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF4048 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF4368 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF4678 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF4988 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF4BC8 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF4E08 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF5048 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF5248 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF5488 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF5688 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF58C8 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF5B08 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF5F28 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF43F8 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF4708 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF40D8 2A0203F3
040E0000 01E65B28 2A0103F4
040E0000 01E6ABF8 2A0103F4
040E0000 01E6AD68 2A0103F4
040E0000 01E6AE98 2A0103F4
040E0000 01E6AFC8 2A0103F4
040E0000 01E6B158 2A0103F4
040E0000 01E6B288 2A0103F4
040E0000 01E6B418 2A0103F4
040E0000 01E6B698 2A0103F4
040E0000 01E6B7C8 2A0103F4
040E0000 01E6B8F8 2A0103F4
040E0000 051DEA90 2A0103F3
040E0000 01DD0D68 B9049268
040E0000 051DE904 2A0103F4
040E0000 01FF395C 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF3F0C 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF422C 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF453C 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF484C 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF4A8C 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF4CCC 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF4F0C 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF534C 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF578C 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF59CC 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF5C0C 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF3B0C 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF3D0C 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF514C 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF558C 2A0203F3
040E0000 01FF5E2C 2A0203F3
040E0000 02012BF0 54000185
040E0000 055C6FBC 52A7F009

[#01. Infinite HP/Medicine/Items]
040E0000 01A49B70 52800028

[#02. Infinite TP and Boost]
040E0000 01A48FE0 D65F03C0

[#03. Infinite Ammo]
040E0000 01A538B0 52800028

[#04. 5x EXP]
040E0000 051DD284 0B010835

[#05. 5x Money/PilotPoint(PP)]
040E0000 051DDB14 0B010834
040E0000 051DD7F4 0B010834

[#06. 5x Items/Materials etc.]
040E0000 01FF3C08 0B020853
040E0000 01FF3E08 0B020853
040E0000 01FF4048 0B020853
040E0000 01FF4368 0B020853
040E0000 01FF4678 0B020853
040E0000 01FF4988 0B020853
040E0000 01FF4BC8 0B020853
040E0000 01FF4E08 0B020853
040E0000 01FF5048 0B020853
040E0000 01FF5248 0B020853
040E0000 01FF5488 0B020853
040E0000 01FF5688 0B020853
040E0000 01FF58C8 0B020853
040E0000 01FF5B08 0B020853
040E0000 01FF5F28 0B020853
040E0000 01FF43F8 0B020853
040E0000 01FF4708 0B020853
040E0000 01FF40D8 0B020853
040E0000 01E65B28 0B010834
040E0000 01E6ABF8 0B010834
040E0000 01E6AD68 0B010834
040E0000 01E6AE98 0B010834
040E0000 01E6AFC8 0B010834
040E0000 01E6B158 0B010834
040E0000 01E6B288 0B010834
040E0000 01E6B418 0B010834
040E0000 01E6B698 0B010834
040E0000 01E6B7C8 0B010834
040E0000 01E6B8F8 0B010834

[#07. Money/PP never decrease]
040E0000 051DEA90 2A1F03F3
040E0000 01DD0D68 D503201F
040E0000 051DE904 2A1F03F4

[#08. Items/Materials etc. never decrease]
040E0000 01FF395C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 01FF3F0C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 01FF422C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 01FF453C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 01FF484C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 01FF4A8C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 01FF4CCC 2A1F03F3
040E0000 01FF4F0C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 01FF534C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 01FF578C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 01FF59CC 2A1F03F3
040E0000 01FF5C0C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 01FF3B0C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 01FF3D0C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 01FF514C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 01FF558C 2A1F03F3
040E0000 01FF5E2C 2A1F03F3

[#09. 100% Legendary in Recycle Production]
040E0000 02012BF0 D503201F
040E0000 055C6FBC 52A85909

[#10. 60 FPS]
580F0000 0B343630
780F0000 00000F14
640F0000 00000000 00000001

[#11. 30 FPS]
580F0000 0B343630
780F0000 00000F14
640F0000 00000000 00000002

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