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Below are the detailed cheat codes for the Nintendo Switch game “Ooblets,” compatible with version 1.0.20. For other versions, please search within this site.

In Ooblets, new friends abound! Spend your days refurbishing your farm, nurturing quirky little companions, engaging in dance-offs, decorating your house, and aiding the mayor in rescuing Badgetown!

Interested players can now try out the cheat codes provided below.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.20

Ooblets v1.0.20 TID=0100BA101712A000 BID=B379E2545C068B65

[Ooblets v1.0.20 TID=0100BA101712A000 BID=B379E2545C068B65]
[01# 99999 Money]
040A0000 0271C110 5284E1E8
040A0000 0271C114 B9004268
040A0000 0271C118 D65F03C0
040A0000 01577A18 944691BE

[99999 Money (off)]
040A0000 01577A18 B9004268

[02# 99999 Sparkle]
040A0000 0271C100 B9401900
040A0000 0271C104 5284E1E0
040A0000 0271C108 B9001900
040A0000 0271C10C D65F03C0
040A0000 01707000 94405440

[99999 Sparkle]
040A0000 01707000 B9401908

[03# Inf Items]
040A0000 0164A8B8 31018D08

[Inf Items (off)]
040A0000 0164A8B8 71000508

[04# Inf WaterCan]
040A0000 0165133C 52800C88

[Inf WaterCan (off)]
040A0000 0165133C 4B1602A8

[05# Instant Grow Plants]
040A0000 0176F2C4 5284E1E8

[Instant Grow Plants (off)]
040A0000 0176F2C4 11000508

[06# Add Exp end of the day]
040A0000 0153BD08 0B144108

[Add Exp end of the day (off)]
040A0000 0153BD08 0B140108

[07# Inf Stamina]
040A0000 01652A74 461C3C00
040A0000 01652A60 1C0000A0

[Inf Stamina (off)]
040A0000 01652A60 9430DA3C

[08# Inf Energy]
040A0000 01651448 461C3C00
040A0000 01651404 1C000228

[Inf Energy (off)]
040A0000 01651404 1E214808

[09# Instant Max Beats]
040A0000 0271C120 0B080128
040A0000 0271C124 B9406282
040A0000 0271C128 7100045F
040A0000 0271C12C 54000041
040A0000 0271C130 52800C68
040A0000 0271C134 17B6CD53
040A0000 014CF67C 144932A9

[Instant Max Beats (off)]
040A0000 014CF67C 0B080128

[10# Inf Move Points]
040A0000 0271C140 4B010108
040A0000 0271C144 B9406002
040A0000 0271C148 7100045F
040A0000 0271C14C 54000041
040A0000 0271C150 52800068
040A0000 0271C154 17FE7631
040A0000 026B9A14 140189CB

[Instant Max Beats (off)]
040A0000 026B9A14 0B080128

[11# Ooblets Xp]
040A0000 0151C6A8 0B144108

[Ooblets Xp (off)]
040A0000 0151C6A8 0B140108

[12# Unlock All Recipes]
040A0000 017B5580 52800020
040A0000 017B5584 D65F03C0

[Unlock All Recipes (off)]
040A0000 017B5580 A9BD7BFD
040A0000 017B5584 F9000BF5

[13# Add Friendship Fast]
040A0000 0156A8C0 0B154295

[Add Friendship Fast (off)]
040A0000 0156A8C0 0B150295

[14# Split Item to Add 99]
040A0000 0164B35C 11018D08

[Split Item to Add 99 (off)]
040A0000 0164B35C 4B150108

[15# Move Item To get 99]
040A0000 016533E0 52800C77

[Move Item To get 99 (off)]
040A0000 016533E0 B9401AB7

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