Curse of the Sea Rats Switch v1.0.14 Cheat Codes

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Below are the detailed cheat codes for the Nintendo Switch game “Curse of the Sea Rats,” compatible with version 1.0.14. For other versions, please search within this site.

Curse of the Sea Rats is a platform adventure game with hand-drawn animations, categorized as a ‘ratoidvania.’ Players embark on an epic journey with four prisoners of the British empire who have been transformed into rats by the notorious pirate witch, Flora Burn. To regain their human forms, they must battle dangerous bosses, uncover the secrets of the vast Irish coast, and ultimately capture the witch who cursed them.

Interested players can now try out the cheat codes provided below.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.14

Curse of the Sea Rats v1.0.14 TID=0100B970138FA000 BID=1E5A8ACF2BC55652

[Breeze beta73 Curse of the Sea Rats 1.0.14 TID: 0100B970138FA000 BID: 1E5A8ACF2BC55652]
[Off enable]
04000000 01743C54 BD40C101 
04000000 01C7AE44 B940C102 
04000000 0164E9B4 B9401E88 
04000000 01770F4C B9401914 
04000000 0173B154 B9402009 
04000000 01C767EC B9001E60 

[hero hp=1000]
04000000 01743C54 BD40C101 
04000000 01743C54 1466B51D 
04000000 030F10C8 1C000061 
04000000 030F10CC BD00C101 
04000000 030F10D0 17994AE2 
04000000 030F10D4 000003E8 

[ep no dec]
04000000 01C767EC B9001E60 
04000000 01C767EC D503201F 

[ ZL all hp = 1]
04000000 01C7AE44 B940C102 
04000000 01C7AE44 B940C102 
04000000 01C7AE44 1451D8A5 
04000000 030F10D8 52800022 
04000000 030F10DC B900C102 
04000000 030F10E0 17AE275A 

[c 1M]
04000000 0164E9B4 B9401E88 
04000000 0164E9B4 146A89CD 
04000000 030F10E8 18000068 
04000000 030F10EC B9001E88 
04000000 030F10F0 17957632 
04000000 030F10F4 000F4240 

[g 1M]
04000000 0173B154 B9402009 
04000000 0173B154 1466D7ED 
04000000 030F1108 18000069 
04000000 030F110C B9002009 
04000000 030F1110 17992812 
04000000 030F1114 000F4240 

[qty 100]
04000000 01770F4C B9401914 
04000000 01770F4C 1466006B 
04000000 030F10F8 52800C94 
04000000 030F10FC B9001914 
04000000 030F1100 1799FF94 

[read stats]
04000000 0216804C B9400013 

Curse of the Sea Rats – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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