Unsouled Switch v1.0.481.0 Cheat Codes

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Here are the detailed cheat codes for downloading the twelve cheats for the Nintendo Switch game “Unsouled,” compatible with version For other versions, please search within this site.

“Unsouled” is a 2D action RPG game that demands intricate and precise control. Break away from the monotony of repetitive attack and dodge actions by immersing yourself in the world of Unsouled.

Below is the detailed cheat code for those interested players to try out.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.481.0

Unsouled v1.0.481.0 TID=0100B06017686000 BID=80A6528448378AAB

[Unsouled v1.0.481.0 TID=0100B06017686000 BID=80A6528448378AAB]
[HP Inf]
04000000 01B80228 D503201F
04000000 01B9162C BD40C900
04000000 01B92538 BD40CAA0

[HP Inf Off]
04000000 01B80228 1E2A3800
04000000 01B9162C 1E203820
04000000 01B92538 1E203920

[Stamina Inf]
04000000 01B7AD3C D503201F

[Stamina Inf Off]
04000000 01B7AD3C 1E213800

[Soul Orbs Inf]
04000000 01B7CC74 D503201F

[Soul Orbs Inf Off]
04000000 01B7CC74 B900D509

[Ghost Moves Inf]
04000000 01B83B40 D503201F

[Ghost Moves Inf Off]
04000000 01B83B40 B900E509

[Coins x4]
04000000 01B84A5C 0B140929

[Coins x4 Off]
04000000 01B84A5C 0B140129

[Coins No Decrease]
04000000 01F5DDC4 D503201F
04000000 021112F0 2A0A03E9

[Coins No Decrease Off]
04000000 01F5DDC4 4B0A0129
04000000 021112F0 4B090149

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