Samurai Warriors 5 Switch v1.0.2 Cheat Codes

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Here are the detailed cheat codes for downloading the twenty cheats for the Nintendo Switch game “Samurai Warriors 5,” compatible with version 1.0.2. For other versions, please search within this site.

With revamped designs for officers and the addition of new ones, a total of 27 Samurai Warriors join the battle. You’ll encounter officers such as a young Nobunaga Oda, known as the “Great Fool,” and daimyō Yoshimoto Imagawa, who earned the title of the “Greatest Archer in all of Kaidō,” each with designs tailored to this title’s setting.

Below are the detailed cheat codes for players interested in trying them out.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.2

Samurai Warriors 5 v1.0.2 TID=0100B28014132800 BID=60B4E42155E07989

[Samurai Warriors 5 v1.0.2 TID=0100B28014132800 BID=60B4E42155E07989]
[inf use ultimate skill]
04000000 00EE6DDC 1E27F00C

[inf user rage]
04000000 00D69730 D65F03C0

[inf use musou]
04000000 00D69030 D65F03C0

[speed run normal]
04000000 00D3DB80 1E2E1008

[speed run 1.25x]
04000000 00D3DB80 1E2E9008

[speed run 1.5x]
04000000 00D3DB80 1E2F1008

[speed run 1.75x]
04000000 00D3DB80 1E2F9008

[speed run 2x]
04000000 00D3DB80 1E201008

[hitanywhere on]
04000000 00D07380 D65F03C0

[hitanywhere off]
04000000 00D07380 A9BF7BFD

[1p hit kill]
04000000 00E56780 D65F03C0

[always ice wind lightning on]
04000000 00CC6AF0 D65F03C0

[always ice wind lightning off]
04000000 00CC6AF0 F81C0FF7

[speed attack]
04000000 00D1BC4C 1E2E1000

[enemies no attack on]
04000000 00EFA860 D65F03C0

[enemies no attack off]
04000000 00EFA860 A9BD57F6

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