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Nintendo Switch game “Little Noah: Scion of Paradise” cheat codes download – 11 options available, compatible with version 1.30. For other versions, please search within this site.

This game is developed by Hirotree Matsumura, the original producer of “The Lost Child.” During the conceptualization stage, the game’s combat system drew inspiration from titles like “Dead Cells,” “Aegis Defenders,” and “Valkyrie Profile.” The art, characters, and music maintain continuity from “Little Noah.” Upon release, the game received mostly positive reviews from the media, praising the diverse combat system while criticizing the perceived lack of substantial content.

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes. Interested players are welcome to give it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.30

Little Noah: Scion of Paradise v1.30 TID: 0100535014D76000 BID: 31C1F0F685DFD5A2

[Little Noah: Scion of Paradise v1.30 TID: 0100535014D76000 BID: 31C1F0F685DFD5A2]
{- Little Noah Scion of Paradise -}
040C0000 018632C0 B9433668
040C0000 01863858 BC686A6A
040C0000 018618FC BD405E60
040C0000 015BD764 BD418260
040C0000 015BD76C B9047408
040C0000 0182E09C BD405668
040C0000 0182E2D8 BD405660
040C0000 016F8C84 1E203821
040C0000 015C0830 B9401C08
040C0000 016512C8 B9421119
040C0000 0165132C B940ED18
040C0000 016512C4 B9421509
080C0000 026CAE00 54000061 F109549F
080C0000 026CAE08 17BBCA57 4B1F0108
080C0000 026CAE10 17BBCA55 4B010108
080C0000 026CAE18 54000061 F109549F
080C0000 026CAE20 D65F03C0 B9047408
080C0000 026CAE28 D65F03C0 B904741F
080C0000 026CAE30 528847F9 B9421119
080C0000 026CAE38 B9021119 72A001F9
080C0000 026CAE40 B940ED18 17BE1923
080C0000 026CAE48 72A001F8 528847F8
080C0000 026CAE50 17BE1937 B900ED18
080C0000 026CAE58 52800C69 B9421509
080C0000 026CAE60 17BE1919 B9021509

[Inf. Double Jumps]
040C0000 018632C0 2A1F03E8

[(ZL+B) High Jump]
040C0000 01863858 1E23100A

[(ZL) Speed Up]
040C0000 018618FC 1E253000

[Inf. Health]
040C0000 015BD764 144435A7

040C0000 015BD76C 144435AB

[Inf. Burst]
040C0000 0182E09C BD405A68
040C0000 0182E2D8 BD405A60

[Skills no Cooldown]
040C0000 016F8C84 1E2703E1

[No Keys needed]
040C0000 015C0830 52800028

[99 Keys (Open Menu)]
040C0000 016512C4 1441E6E5

[Max Mana (Open Menu)]
040C0000 0165132C 1441E6C6

[Max Money (Open Menu)]
040C0000 016512C8 1441E6DA

Little Noah: Scion of Paradise – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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