Little Noah: Scion of Paradise Switch v1.0 Cheat Codes

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Nintendo Switch game “Little Noah: Scion of Paradise” cheat codes download – 8 options available, compatible with version 1.0. For other versions, please search within this site.

This game is a prequel to Cygames’ mobile game “Little Noah” and was released on June 28, 2022, on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. It later arrived on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One platforms on November 2, 2023. The game tells the story of the alchemist Noah exploring unknown ruins.

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes. Interested players are welcome to give it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0

Little Noah: Scion of Paradise v1.0 TID: 0100535014D76000 BID: 289F756D51EA8A9E

[Breeze beta39 Little Noah: Scion of Paradise 1.0 TID: 0100535014D76000 BID: 289F756D51EA8A9E]
04000000 01708564 4B010108 
04000000 0170B014 0B140114
04000000 016150D4 4B010108 
04000000 0170B7A4 5400004D 

[demage x 8]
04000000 01708564 4B010D08 

[get Coin x16]
04000000 0170B014 0B142114 

[mana don't dec when used]
04000000 016150D4 D503201F 

[use mana to have 10000]
04000000 016150D4 5284E208 

[refill flask with status screen]
04000000 0170B7A4 D503201F 

580F0000 0378B8E0 
580F1000 000000B8 
580F1000 00000000 
580F1000 00000038 
780F0000 000001EC 
640F0000 00000001 00000031 

[easy fever]
580F0000 037CDF68 
580F1000 000000B8 
680F0000 00000010 00000005 

Little Noah: Scion of Paradise – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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