Red Dead Redemption Switch v1.0.1 Cheat Codes

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Download the 11 cheat codes for the Nintendo Switch game “Red Dead Redemption,” compatible with version 1.0.1. For other versions, please search within this site.

Riding alone on horseback in the wild west at night, the sound system playing “And now I know the only compass that I need…” Tears unconsciously start to fall. This game teaches us how to use background music effectively in gaming.

Below are the detailed cheat codes for those interested players to give it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.1

Red Dead Redemption v1.0.1 TID: 01007820196A6000 BID: 90D38D285A365D9E

[Breeze beta80  Red Dead Redemption 1.0.1 TID: 01007820196A6000 BID: 90D38D285A365D9E]
[master code]
08000000 01B92A00 39402814 1E214042 
08000000 01B92A08 34000074 10FFFC53 
08000000 01B92A10 1E22028D B9400274 
08000000 01B92A18 39453B41 D65F03C0 
08000000 01B92A20 2A0A03EB 36380041 
08000000 01B92A28 D65F03C0 6B0B015F 
08000000 01B92A30 39453AE1 39491289 
08000000 01B92A38 52800309 36380041 
04000000 01B92A40 D65F03C0 

04000000 00BE8758 943EA8B1 
04000000 012CD6B8 942314DE 

04000000 012EF3F0 1E204001 

[No Reload]
04000000 012E8060 1E210C28 

[Horse Speed 2X]
04000000 00868FF0 944CA684 
04000000 01B92990 00000002 

[Horse Speed 3X]
04000000 00868FF0 944CA684 
04000000 01B92990 00000003 

[Horse Speed 4X]
04000000 00868FF0 944CA684 
04000000 01B92990 00000004 

[Horse Speed 5X]
04000000 00868FF0 944CA684 
04000000 01B92990 00000005 

[Horse Inf.Stamina]
04000000 00860E48 1E21AC20 

[Inf. Dead Eye]
04000000 0150456C 1E2703E0 

[Off enable]
04000000 00BE8758 6B0B015F 
04000000 012CD6B8 39491289 
04000000 012EF3F0 1E283801 
04000000 012E8060 1E210C08 
04000000 00868FF0 1E214042 
04000000 00860E48 1E20AC20 
04000000 0150456C 1E210800 

Red Dead Redemption – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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