Aragami 2 Switch v1.0.30195.0 Cheat Codes

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The cheat codes for the Nintendo Switch game “Aragami 2” are available for download, compatible with version 1.0.30195.0. For other versions, please search within this site.

This game is a third-person stealth action game that allows you to play as an assassin with the ability to control shadows. Engage in battles against invading armies to protect your people.

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes. Interested players can give it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.30195.0

Aragami 2 v1.0.30195.0 TID: 0100787018198000 BID: 3FFD52E56DD8ADB3

[Breeze beta64 Aragami 2 1.0.30195.0 TID: 0100787018198000 BID: 3FFD52E56DD8ADB3]
040A0000 045A0400 F9403900 
040A0000 045A0404 F0014D07 
040A0000 045A0408 B908F0E8 
040A0000 045A040C D65F03C0 
040A0000 01B2D1E8 94AA34A2 

[Godmode (off)]
040A0000 01C05A40 AA0003F3 

[Inf Stamina (off)]
040A0000 01C05ABC 39430668 

[Inf Double Jumps]
04000000 01F8D628 52800008 

[Inf Double Jumps (off)]
04000000 01F8D628 39451668 

040A0000 01EE3AC0 D65F03C0 

[Stealth (off)]
040A0000 01EE3AC0 6DBA23E9 

[Inf Ability Points]
040A0000 01AF82E0 52800C60 
040A0000 01AF82E4 D65F03C0 

[Inf Ability Points (off)]
040A0000 01AF82E0 A9BD7BFD 
040A0000 01AF82E4 A90157F6 

[Money Multiplier]
040A0000 01D21AF4 0B132000 

[Money Multiplier (off)]
040A0000 01D21AF4 0B130000 

[Exp Multiplier]
040A0000 01D224C0 0B132000 

[Exp Multiplier (off)]
040A0000 01D224C0 0B130000 

[Instant Cooldown Abilities (off)]
040A0000 01B0A570 BD410808 

[Cpu No Stamina (off)]
040A0000 01C05B1C BD40BA60 

[Inf Items]
040A0000 02007E70 4B1F0108 

[Inf Items (off)]
040A0000 02007E70 51000508 

[asm ncd]
04000000 01B0A570 BD410808 
04000000 01B0A570 14AA5782 
04000000 045A0378 1E2E1008 
04000000 045A037C BD010808 
04000000 045A0380 1755A87D 

[asm fof]
04000000 01B2D1E8 F9403900 
04000000 01B2D1E8 14A9CC68 
04000000 045A0388 B0015D40 
04000000 045A038C F9049C08 
04000000 045A0390 F9403900 
04000000 045A0394 17563396 

[asm stm]
040A0000 01C05ABC 39430668 
04000000 01C05ABC 14A66A37 
04000000 045A0398 A9371FE2 
04000000 045A039C B0015D48 
04000000 045A03A0 B9493902 
04000000 045A03A4 B9401A67 
04000000 045A03A8 6B0200FF 
04000000 045A03AC 540000A1 
04000000 045A03B0 52800028 
04000000 045A03B4 39030668 
04000000 045A03B8 39030A68 
04000000 045A03BC 14000001 
04000000 045A03C0 39430668 
04000000 045A03C4 A9771FE2 
04000000 045A03C8 175995BE 

040A0000 01C05B1C BD40BA60 
04000000 01C05ABC 39430668 
04000000 01B2D1E8 F9403900 
04000000 01B0A570 BD410808 

[Stm mode off]
04000000 045A03B4 3903067F 

[God mode off]
04000000 045A03B8 39030A7F 

[asm cpu stm]
04000000 01C05B1C BD40BA60 
04000000 01C05B1C 14A66A2D 
04000000 045A03D0 A9371FE2 
04000000 045A03D4 BD40BA60 
04000000 045A03D8 B0015D47 
04000000 045A03DC B94938E2 
04000000 045A03E0 B9401A67 
04000000 045A03E4 6B0200FF 
04000000 045A03E8 54000061 
04000000 045A03EC 1E2703E0 
04000000 045A03F0 BD00BA60 
04000000 045A03F4 A9771FE2 
04000000 045A03F8 175995CA 

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