The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie v1.0.3 Cheat Codes

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Nintendo Switch game “The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie” offers 33 cheat codes for download, compatible with version 1.0.3. For other versions, please search on the website.

As a well-crafted Japanese RPG, many characters in the game are quite endearing. For instance, the fairy Noi, who plays a crucial role in the story and serves as the protagonist’s combat partner, is an excellent example.

Below are the detailed cheat codes for players interested in giving it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.3

The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie v1.0.3 TID: 010053D014C44000 BID: CCD5428E0244F901

[The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie v1.0.3 TID: 010053D014C44000 BID: CCD5428E0244F901]
[Mira is unabated]
040B0000 00583C60 D365FFE8
040B0000 005852AC D365FFE8

[The chips aren't falling]
040B0000 00423928 52800008
040B0000 00586500 1B1F7D08

[props are not diminished]
040B0000 0005F55C 52800001
040B0000 00193848 52800002
040B0000 001AE644 52800015
040B0000 005929D4 2A1F03F3

[sealstone is unabated]
040B0000 003A8454 52800002
040B0000 0059B614 52800002
040B0000 0059AA18 52800002

[flare crystal unabated]
040B0000 00377DAC 6B1F0129

[Seconds. - Open.]
040B0000 0099B800 F9404FFC
040B0000 0099B804 39466268
040B0000 0099B808 35000048
040B0000 0099B80C B9441A7C
040B0000 0099B810 17DC3DBD
040B0000 000AAF00 1423C240

[Seconds. Close.]
040B0000 000AAF00 F9404FFC

[Our HP will not be reduced]
040B0000 0099B814 39466268
040B0000 0099B818 34000048
040B0000 0099B81C 2A1F03FC
040B0000 0099B820 AA1303E0
040B0000 0099B824 17DC3DB8
040B0000 000AAF04 1423C244

[Our CP will not be reduced]
040B0000 0099B828 7941A3E1
040B0000 0099B82C 39466008
040B0000 0099B830 34000068
040B0000 0099B834 52801908
040B0000 0099B838 4B0803E1
040B0000 0099B83C D65F03C0
040B0000 0005F4F0 9424F0CE

[Our EP will not be reduced]
040B0000 0099B840 7941A7E1
040B0000 0099B844 39466008
040B0000 0099B848 34000068
040B0000 0099B84C 79483C08
040B0000 0099B850 4B0803E1
040B0000 0099B854 D65F03C0
040B0000 0005F4E0 9424F0D8

[The energy of the surprise attack does not diminish]
040B0000 0037870C 2A1F03F3

[Courage Points Max]
040B0000 0099B858 52800114
040B0000 0099B85C 39000114
040B0000 0099B860 D65F03C0
040B0000 005B250C 940FA4D3

[One-strike defense. Open]
040B0000 000AC808 B9444AB7

[One-hit defense. Close.]
040B0000 000AC808 2A0003F7

[Character experience value 2x]
040B0000 000FAD64 0B160508

[Character experience value 4x]
040B0000 000FAD64 0B160908

[Character experience value 8x]
040B0000 000FAD64 0B160D08

[Character experience value 16x]
040B0000 000FAD64 0B161108

[Tactical Link full level at once]
040B0000 00200984 5284E1E0

[Main circuit experience value 2x]
040B0000 000F8D2C 0B080528

[Main circuit experience value 4x]
040B0000 000F8D2C 0B080928

[Main circuit experience value 8x]
040B0000 000F8D2C 0B080D28

[Main circuit experience value 16x]
040B0000 000F8D2C 0B081128

[Imbalance Efficiency Max]
040B0000 00159E00 52803209
040B0000 0015A068 52803209
040B0000 0015A100 52803209
040B0000 0015A198 52803209

[Magic Attribute Effectiveness Max]
040B0000 0099B864 52801909
040B0000 0099B868 39034109
040B0000 0099B86C 39434108
040B0000 0099B870 17DC6F7B
040B0000 000B7658 14239083

[Courage Command Round Unabated]
040B0000 00071FE8 51000108
040B0000 00072014 51000108

[Phantom fragments are increasing rather than decreasing]
040B0000 00366828 4B0003E2
040B0000 00367138 4B0003E2

[Increase in time-variation of props for sale]
040B0000 0058A7C0 12800002

[No loss of ingredients in cooking]
040B0000 0062C5BC 1400004C
040B0000 0062C708 52800002

[U substance 999 (possession required)]
040B0000 0099B874 785FC14B
040B0000 0099B878 7104B17F
040B0000 0099B87C 54000061
040B0000 0099B880 52807CE0
040B0000 0099B884 79000140
040B0000 0099B888 17E7408B
040B0000 0036BAB0 1418BF71

[Card Game Our Direct Victory]
040B0000 0099B88C F9419D0A
040B0000 0099B890 79C6A908
040B0000 0099B894 3942214A
040B0000 0099B898 3400004A
040B0000 0099B89C 52800008
040B0000 0099B8A0 17E9006E
040B0000 003DBA54 1416FF8E

[Rapid increase in our CP at Bobo Bumper]
040B0000 0099B8A4 3940526A
040B0000 0099B8A8 3500004A
040B0000 0099B8AC 52807CE8
040B0000 0099B8B0 0B080129
040B0000 0099B8B4 17E871B7
040B0000 003B7F8C 14178E46

[Fantasy☆Arisa SP Points Max]
040B0000 0047EB14 14000026
040B0000 0048C348 1E23BC60

The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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