LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker… Switch v1.10.0 Cheat Codes

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Nintendo Switch game “LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” 11 cheat codes download, compatible with version 1.10.0, for other versions please search within this site.

Explore the Trilogies in Any Order – Players will relive the epic story of all nine films in the Skywalker Saga, and it all starts with choosing the trilogy of their choice to begin the journey.

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes. Interested players can come and give them a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.10.0

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga v1.10.0 TID: 010042D00D900000 BID: EC593A5F9552100A

[LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga v1.10.0 TID: 010042D00D900000 BID: EC593A5F9552100A]
040A0000 062EC800 B9452A60
040A0000 062EC804 7100001F
040A0000 062EC808 540000C0
040A0000 062EC80C 18000182
040A0000 062EC810 7100005F
040A0000 062EC814 540000E0
040A0000 062EC818 1C000108
040A0000 062EC81C 14000005
040A0000 062EC820 18000102
040A0000 062EC824 7100005F
040A0000 062EC828 54000040
040A0000 062EC82C 1E2E1008
040A0000 062EC830 BD057268
040A0000 062EC834 D65F03C0
040A0000 062EC838 461C4000
040A0000 010E90F4 95480DC3

[Restore Code (Use after unchecking any cheats below)]
080A0000 031BC2D4 A9014FF4 F81E0FFE
080A0000 031CB1BC A9014FF4 F81E0FFE
080A0000 02AD3664 A9014FF4 F81E0FFE
080A0000 02AC9848 A9014FF4 F81E0FFE
040A0000 04FEA784 1A930133
040A0000 04FEA854 1A930133
040A0000 04FEA87C 1A930133
040A0000 04FEA90C 1A930120
040A0000 00FD9EE4 B940192A
040A0000 03211C48 F81E0FFE
040A0000 0059D4DC 1E210800
040A0000 03218CE4 B940CD6A

[01# Can Afford upgrades]
080A0000 031BC2D4 D65F03C0 52800000
080A0000 031CB1BC D65F03C0 52800000
080A0000 02AD3664 D65F03C0 52800000
080A0000 02AC9848 D65F03C0 52800000

[02# Inf Health]
040A0000 062EC83C 00000001

[Inf Health (off)]
040A0000 062EC83C 00000000

[03# Instant Kill]
040A0000 062EC840 00000001

[Instant Kill (off)]
040A0000 062EC840 00000000

[04# Studs Multiplier]
040A0000 04FEA784 2A0903F3
040A0000 04FEA854 2A0903F3
040A0000 04FEA87C 2A0903F3
040A0000 04FEA90C 2A0903E0

[05# Inf Race Time (L+R off)]
040A0000 042A1090 1E212800
040A0000 042A1090 D503201F

[06# Inf ProtonTorpedo]
040A0000 00FD9EE4 52801A4A

[07# Moonjump (Press B)]
040A0000 0521D1C8 1E232842
040A0000 0521D1C8 1E201002

[08# Inf Time Minigames (L+R)]
040A0000 042A107C 1E203822
040A0000 042A107C 1E27D002

[09# Inf Datacards (must have 1)]
040A0000 03211C48 D65F03C0

[10# Runspeed x2]
040A0000 0059D4DC 1E221000

[11# Max Datacards]
040A0000 062ECFF4 5280026A
080A0000 062ECFF8 D65F03C0 B900CD6A
040A0000 03218CE4 94C350C4


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