Die After Sunset Switch v1.0.1 Cheat Codes

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Download 5 cheat codes for the Nintendo Switch game “Die After Sunset,” compatible with version 1.0.1; for other versions, please search within the site. Between levels, players can unlock various new game features, items, and abilities, even new playable characters! Players must continuously fend off invading creatures that appear clumsy and cute during the day but transform into terrifying monsters at night. Therefore, it’s crucial to diligently search for items and upgrade equipment before sunset.

Below are the detailed cheat codes for those players interested in giving it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.1

Die After Sunset v1.0.1 TID: 01007C7018F8C000 BID: D2AE0572A02F77B1

[Die After Sunset 1.0.1 TID: 01007C7018F8C000 BID: D2AE0572A02F77B1]
[Shut down all cheating]
04000000 01BCF3E4 4B130100 
04000000 01A0664C BD401000 
04000000 019C003C BD401000 
04000000 019BEF24 1E202008 

[Unlimited Ammo]
04000000 01BCF3E4 4B130100 
04000000 01BCF3E4 51000100 

[Life/Shield/Energy Max]
04000000 01A0664C BD401000 
04000000 01A0664C 14578393 
04000000 02FE7498 1C0000A0 
04000000 02FE749C BD001000 
04000000 02FE74A0 BD001800 
04000000 02FE74A4 BD001C00 
04000000 02FE74A8 17A87C6A 
04000000 02FE74AC 43960000 

[Get All ohk]
04000000 019C003C BD401000 
04000000 019C003C 14589D1D 
04000000 02FE74B0 A9376BF9 
04000000 02FE74B4 B940101A 
04000000 02FE74B8 18000159 
04000000 02FE74BC 6B1A033F 
04000000 02FE74C0 540000A0 
04000000 02FE74C4 18000119 
04000000 02FE74C8 6B1A033F 
04000000 02FE74CC 5400004C 
04000000 02FE74D0 B9001019 
04000000 02FE74D4 BD401000 
04000000 02FE74D8 A9776BF9 
04000000 02FE74DC 17A762D9 
04000000 02FE74E0 43960000 
04000000 02FE74E4 3F800000 

[NCD Max]
04000000 019BEF24 1E202008 
04000000 019BEF24 1E202000 

Die After Sunset – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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