Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun Switch v1.0.0.2 Cheat Codes

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Nintendo Switch game “Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun” 8 cheat codes download, compatible with version; for other versions, please search within the site.

In the spectacular style of explosive shooting games, unleash your devastating Space Marine arsenal, maneuvering through explosions of elves, pixels, and blood. Run, jump, and charge through vast areas, eliminating, weakening, and cutting down the most heinous heretics in the entire galaxy.

Below are the detailed cheat codes for those players interested in giving it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun v1.0.0.2 TID: 01005FD017E60000 BID: 448B5EEE940FF0B0

[Warhammer 40,000 -  Boltgun (US) v131072 TID=01005FD017E60000 BID=448B5EEE940FF0B0]
[Restore Code (Use after unchecking any cheats below)]
040E0000 0083A848 35000A28
040E0000 0083BBDC 1E203820
040E0000 0083BC20 1E203820
040E0000 008B1218 51000508
040E0000 008A7ED8 34000068
040E0000 0084B750 540003A0
040E0000 02689D30 1A9FA7E0
040E0000 00846540 5400014B

[#01. God Mode]
040E0000 0083A848 14000051

[#02. Inf. Health]
040E0000 0083BBDC 1E204020

[#03. Inf. Faith (Shields)]
040E0000 0083BC20 1E204020

[#04. Inf. Ammo (Clip - No Reload)]
040E0000 008B1218 D503201F

[#05. Inf. Ammo (Magazines)]
040E0000 008A7ED8 D503201F

[#06. Inf. Grenade(s)]
040E0000 0084B750 D503201F

[#07. Inf. Jumps]
040E0000 02689D30 52800020

[#08. Instant Charge CD]
040E0000 00846540 D503201F

Warhammer 40000: Boltgun – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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