DRAGON QUEST TREASURES… Switch v1.0.0 Cheat Codes

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Nintendo Switch game “Dragon Quest Treasures: Blue Eyes and Compass in the Sky” 19 cheat codes download, compatible with version 1.0.0, for other versions please search within this site.

“Dragon Quest Treasures: Blue Eyes and Compass in the Sky” is a role-playing game released in 2022.

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes, interested players can come and give it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.0

Dragon Quest Treasures Blue Eyes and Compass in the Sky v0 TID=0100217014266000 BID=6464CF665ABC9842

[Dragon Quest Treasures Blue Eyes and Compass in the Sky v0 TID=0100217014266000 BID=6464CF665ABC9842]
[Restore Code (Use after unchecking any cheats below)]
040E0000 00874600 2A0103E3
040E0000 00874DA8 0B010108
040E0000 00531980 BD403D08
040E0000 005B2FAC 1E283800
040E0000 005B2F4C 1E283800
040E0000 00531DE0 94000276
040E0000 00572708 940C07EC
040E0000 00807700 A9BB7BFD
040E0000 006822FC BD419E60
040E0000 00599C98 52A88EA8
040E0000 008264A8 2A0203F3
040E0000 00826628 2A0203F3
040E0000 00826328 2A0203F3
080E0000 02BCE828 54000229 1E202008
040E0000 008F560C AA0203F4
040E0000 008F632C 148B613F
040E0000 008F6370 148B612E
040E0000 00AA91C0 97F576A7
040E0000 008A92A4 97FD766E
040E0000 00AA923C 97F57688
040E0000 00ADC76C 97F4A93C
040E0000 0082AC5C 8B010108

[#01a 60 FPS ★]
040E0000 033E1734 52800020
040E0000 019380E4 52800037
040E0000 022DB2EC 1E6E1000
580F0000 07E109A8
680F0000 42700000 42700000

[#01b 30 FPS]
040E0000 033E1734 52800040
040E0000 019380E4 52800057
040E0000 022DB2EC 1E601000
580F0000 07E109A8
680F0000 41F00000 41F00000

[#02. 5x EXP]
040E0000 00874600 0B010823

[#03. 5x gain and no decrease for Gold]
080E0000 041B7FF8 D65F03C0 0B010108
080E0000 041B7FF0 0B010821 37F80061
040E0000 00874DA8 94E50C92

[#04. 5x Damage to the Foes]
080E0000 041B7FE8 D65F03C0 1E290908
080E0000 041B7FE0 1E229009 54000061
080E0000 041B7FD8 7100051F 394E4108
080E0000 041B7FD0 91400508 F94016A8
040E0000 041B7FCC BD403D08
040E0000 00531980 94F21993

[#05. MP does not decrease]
040E0000 005B2FAC D503201F
040E0000 005B2F4C D503201F
040E0000 00531DE0 D503201F

[#06. BP does not decrease]
040E0000 00572708 D503201F

[#07. Item (include Ammo) does not decrease]
040E0000 00807700 D65F03C0

[#08. Movement Speed 1.5x (Hold ZL = 5x)]
080E0000 041B7FC4 44160000 D65F03C0
080E0000 041B7FBC BD019E60 1C000060
040E0000 006822FC 94ECD730
040E0000 041B7FC8 44960000

[#09. High Jump 2x]
040E0000 00599C98 52A89F48

[#10. MoonJump (Press ZL+B)]
580F0000 07E13E60
580F1000 00000190
580F1000 00000040
580F1000 00000000
580F1000 00000038
580F1000 00000268
580F1000 00000290
780F0000 000000D4
640F0000 00000000 447A0000

[#11. 5x Count for Monsters Killed]
040E0000 008264A8 0B020853
040E0000 00826628 0B020853

[#12. 5x Count for Monsters Joined]
040E0000 00826328 0B020853

[#13. God of Luck (Random rate 100% success)]
080E0000 02BCE828 D65F03C0 52800020

[#14. No Evasion for the Foes]
080E0000 041B7FB4 D65F03C0 AA0203F4
080E0000 041B7FAC 9A9F0042 710006FF
080E0000 041B7FA4 B8776837 D2827217
040E0000 008F560C 94E30A66

[#15. No Rampage Attack for the Foes]
080E0000 041B7F9C D65F03C0 2A1F03E0
080E0000 041B7F94 17A85A24 35000040
040E0000 041B7F90 B9400C20
040E0000 008F632C 14E30719
080E0000 041B7F88 D65F03C0 2A1F03E0
080E0000 041B7F80 17A85A29 35000040
040E0000 041B7F7C B9400C20
040E0000 008F6370 14E30703

[#16. Ignore Item Requirements when Recruiting Monsters]
040E0000 00AA91C0 52800C80

[#17. Ignore Item Requirements for Quests]
040E0000 008A92A4 52800C80

[#18. Ignore Item Requirements when Crafting Bullets]
040E0000 00AA923C 52800C80
040E0000 00ADC76C 52800C80

[#19. 2x Team Artifact Value Gained (Easy LV up)]
040E0000 0082AC5C 8B010508

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