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Nintendo Switch game “Chained Echoes” 22 cheat codes download, compatible with version 1.31, for other versions please search within this site.

Take up your sword, harness your magic, or pilot your Mech. Chained Echoes is a 16-bit style RPG set in a fantasy realm where dragons are as prevalent as mechanized suits.

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes, interested players can come and give it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.31

Chained Echoes v1.31 TID: 0100C510166F0000 BID: F4DD98453C4F0755

[Chained Echoes (US) v851968 TID=0100C510166F0000 BID=F4DD98453C4F0755]
[Restore Code (Use after unchecking any cheats below)]
040E0000 01CEFC20 B9003EE0
040E0000 01CF1D34 B9004AE0
040E0000 01CF3FEC BD400100
040E0000 017ABE88 540008C1
040E0000 01CE7248 54000D4A
040E0000 01CEE380 54000F6A
040E0000 01CEF354 B940C016
040E0000 01863B20 A9BB7BFD
040E0000 03108FBC 00000000
040E0000 01F24A6C BD410D00
040E0000 02655A80 BD410D00
040E0000 01D137BC 34000348
040E0000 01D147D0 350001F4
040E0000 0272704C B9403808
040E0000 01F4F07C B9401660
040E0000 014E7270 37000040
040E0000 014F7440 37000040
040E0000 0206A804 34000308
040E0000 0206ADE8 34000149
040E0000 0206AE90 340000C8
040E0000 0186A718 54000FAB
040E0000 0186A7BC 54000ACA
040E0000 0186A908 5400006A
040E0000 03108F7C 00000000
040E0000 0182E58C B9402908
040E0000 01CF004C B9403C08
040E0000 03108F50 00000000
040E0000 01CEFC14 4B080320
040E0000 0186AA54 0B130100
040E0000 01870378 0B0A0120
040E0000 0187049C 0B0A0120
040E0000 018705C0 0B0A0120
040E0000 018706E4 0B0A0120
040E0000 01870808 0B0A0120
040E0000 01870930 0B0A0120
040E0000 01870A54 0B0A0120
040E0000 01870B78 0B0A0120
040E0000 01870C9C 0B0A0120
040E0000 01A2F838 0B090100
040E0000 017AC944 3941C108
040E0000 017ACBC0 39418109
040E0000 017AE8AC 39420108

[♯ 1. Inf. Health]
080E0000 03108FF8 D65F03C0 B9003EE0
080E0000 03108FF0 3500005C B9401AFC
040E0000 01CEFC20 945064F4

[♯ 2. Inf. TP]
080E0000 03108FE8 D65F03C0 B9004AE0
040E0000 03108FE4 B9404EE0
040E0000 01CF1D34 94505CAC

[♯ 3. Always In Overdrive (After Action)]
040E0000 03108FE0 42700000
080E0000 03108FD8 D65F03C0 BD000100
040E0000 03108FD4 1C000060
040E0000 01CF3FEC 945053FA

[♯ 4. Ultra Move Always Available (Ignore UM Bar)]
040E0000 017ABE88 D503201F

[♯ 5. Always Critical Hits]
040E0000 01CE7248 D503201F
040E0000 01CEE380 D503201F
080E0000 03108FCC 17AF98EE D65F03C0
080E0000 03108FC4 B940C016 35000076
040E0000 03108FC0 B9401816
040E0000 01CEF354 9450671B

[♯ 6. Inf. Item Usage]
040E0000 01863B20 D65F03C0

[♯ 7. Inf. Grimoire Shards Usage]
040E0000 03108FBC 42C60000
080E0000 03108FB4 17B86EAE BD410D00
080E0000 03108FAC BD010D00 1C000080
040E0000 01F24A6C 14479150
080E0000 03108FA4 17D532B7 BD410D00
080E0000 03108F9C BD010D00 1C000100
040E0000 02655A80 142ACD47

[♯ 8. Show All Deals]
040E0000 01D137BC 1400001A

[♯ 9. Ignore Deal(s) Requirement(s)]
040E0000 01D147D0 D503201F

[♯10. Ignore Crafting Required Material]
040E0000 0272704C 52800C68

[♯11. All Crystal(s) Quality X, Purity 5, Small (View Crystal Inventory)]
080E0000 03108F94 D65F03C0 B9401660
080E0000 03108F8C B900267F B9002260
080E0000 03108F84 528000A0 B9001E60
040E0000 03108F80 52800140
040E0000 01F4F07C 9446E7C1

[♯12. Steal Rate 100%]
040E0000 014E7270 D503201F
040E0000 014F7440 D503201F

[♯13. Monsters Always Drop Loot]
040E0000 0206A804 D503201F
040E0000 0206ADE8 D503201F
040E0000 0206AE90 D503201F

[♯14. Fast Level Up (Skills)]
040E0000 0186A718 D503201F
040E0000 0186A7BC 14000056
040E0000 0186A908 14000003

[♯15. Max Gold (Open Menu)]
040E0000 03108F7C 000F423F
080E0000 03108F74 179C9586 B9402908
080E0000 03108F6C B900291C 1800009C
040E0000 0182E58C 14636A78

[♯16. One Punch Man (OHK)]
080E0000 03108F64 17AF9C3A B9403C08
080E0000 03108F5C 14000001 B9003C1F
080E0000 03108F54 35000068 B9401808
040E0000 01CF004C 145063C2

[♯17a Damage Multiplier (2x)]
040E0000 03108F50 00000002
080E0000 03108F48 D65F03C0 4B080320
080E0000 03108F40 1B1C7D08 3400005C
080E0000 03108F38 180000BC 3500009C
040E0000 03108F34 394062FC
040E0000 01CEFC14 945064C8

[♯17b Damage Multiplier (4x)]
040E0000 03108F50 00000004
080E0000 03108F48 D65F03C0 4B080320
080E0000 03108F40 1B1C7D08 3400005C
080E0000 03108F38 180000BC 3500009C
040E0000 03108F34 394062FC
040E0000 01CEFC14 945064C8

[♯17c Damage Multiplier (5x)]
040E0000 03108F50 00000005
080E0000 03108F48 D65F03C0 4B080320
080E0000 03108F40 1B1C7D08 3400005C
080E0000 03108F38 180000BC 3500009C
040E0000 03108F34 394062FC
040E0000 01CEFC14 945064C8

[♯18a SP Multiplier (2x)]
040E0000 0186AA54 0B130500
040E0000 01870378 0B0A0520
040E0000 0187049C 0B0A0520
040E0000 018705C0 0B0A0520
040E0000 018706E4 0B0A0520
040E0000 01870808 0B0A0520
040E0000 01870930 0B0A0520
040E0000 01870A54 0B0A0520
040E0000 01870B78 0B0A0520
040E0000 01870C9C 0B0A0520

[♯18b SP Multiplier (4x)]
040E0000 0186AA54 0B130900
040E0000 01870378 0B0A0920
040E0000 0187049C 0B0A0920
040E0000 018705C0 0B0A0920
040E0000 018706E4 0B0A0920
040E0000 01870808 0B0A0920
040E0000 01870930 0B0A0920
040E0000 01870A54 0B0A0920
040E0000 01870B78 0B0A0920
040E0000 01870C9C 0B0A0920

[♯18c SP Multiplier (8x)]
040E0000 0186AA54 0B130D00
040E0000 01870378 0B0A0D20
040E0000 0187049C 0B0A0D20
040E0000 018705C0 0B0A0D20
040E0000 018706E4 0B0A0D20
040E0000 01870808 0B0A0D20
040E0000 01870930 0B0A0D20
040E0000 01870A54 0B0A0D20
040E0000 01870B78 0B0A0D20
040E0000 01870C9C 0B0A0D20

[♯18d SP Multiplier (32x)]
040E0000 0186AA54 0B131500
040E0000 01870378 0B0A1520
040E0000 0187049C 0B0A1520
040E0000 018705C0 0B0A1520
040E0000 018706E4 0B0A1520
040E0000 01870808 0B0A1520
040E0000 01870930 0B0A1520
040E0000 01870A54 0B0A1520
040E0000 01870B78 0B0A1520
040E0000 01870C9C 0B0A1520

[♯19a Gold Multiplier (2x)]
040E0000 01A2F838 0B080520

[♯19b Gold Multiplier (4x)]
040E0000 01A2F838 0B080920

[♯19c Gold Multiplier (8x)]
040E0000 01A2F838 0B080D20

[♯20. Allow Mech Anywhere]
040E0000 017AC944 52800028

[♯21. Allow Flying Anywhere]
040E0000 017ACBC0 52800029

[♯22. Allow Airship Anywhere (Buggy - Press Twice to Enter Airship)]
040E0000 017AE8AC 52800028

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