Nintendo SWITCH Wall World 1.0.0 Cheat Codes

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Cheat codes for Nintendo SWITCH’s “Wall World” compatible with version 1.0.0 are now available. This game is primarily a mining combat-oriented title, offering rich replayability. Each map in the game is randomly generated but follows certain patterns.

Below, we’ve prepared cheat code details for players interested in this game. Feel free to check them out if you’re interested.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0

Wall World v1.0 TID: 0100E4C01CE9E00 BID: 37609A70C5241D3D

{Wall World v1.0 TID: 0100E4C01CE9E00 BID: 37609A70C5241D3D}
580F0000 05206740
400B0000 00000000 037DCC64
680F01B0 1E202800 1E212800
400B0000 00000000 037DCC6C
680F01B0 37F80041 D65F03C0
400B0000 00000000 037DCC74
680F01B0 0B010101 531E7421
400B0000 00000000 037DCC7C
680F01B0 3940C009 17F7FA9B
400B0000 00000000 037DCC84
680F01B0 36180048 18FFFA28
400B0000 00000000 037DCC8C
680F01B0 17FE1B74 32000129

[4x resources]
400B0000 00000000 035DB6E4
640F01B0 00000000 14080563
400B0000 00000000 036A9F44
640F01B0 00000000 11001108

400B0000 00000000 0376A3A8
640F01B0 00000000 1A9FB7E0

[Missiles without cooling]
400B0000 00000000 0241072C
640F01B0 00000000 1E2E1000

[Durable. - Open.]
400B0000 00000000 03763A5C
640F01B0 00000000 1401E489
04000000 037E8788 0000000B

[Durability unabated Off]
400B0000 00000000 03763A5C
640F01B0 00000000 1401E489
04000000 037E8788 00000005

[Upgraded devices free of materials]
400B0000 00000000 036CA1CC
640F01B0 00000000 6B1502BF
400B0000 00000000 036CA2F0
640F01B0 00000000 4B1F02E2
400B0000 00000000 037139C0
640F01B0 00000000 6B1A035F
400B0000 00000000 03713B88
640F01B0 00000000 4B1F03E1
400B0000 00000000 03713C60
640F01B0 00000000 6B1A035F

[Spider Device moves at 2x speed]
400B0000 00000000 03763648
640F01B0 00000000 9401E587

Wall World – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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