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Nintendo Switch game “Two Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition” 20 cheat codes download, compatible with version 1.0.14, for other versions please search on this site.

With over 3 million satisfied players, discover why Two Point Hospital has become a healthcare sensation! Elevate your hospital management expertise to new heights with four extensive expansions and two additional DLCs, all bundled together in an extraordinary Jumbo Edition overflowing with ABUNDANT CONTENT!

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes. Interested players can come and give them a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.14

Two Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition v1.0.14 TID: 010031200E044000 BID: 2E9E54A353A61742

[Two Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition v1.0.14 TID: 010031200E044000 BID: 2E9E54A353A61742]
[01# max money]
040A0000 00614028 52A01315
040A0000 0061402C 7292CFF5

[max money (off)]
040A0000 00614028 320103E8
040A0000 0061402C 1A88C135

[02# max Kudosh]
040A0000 00514610 52A01300
040A0000 00514614 7292CFE0
040A0000 00514618 D65F03C0

[max Kudosh (off)]
040A0000 00514610 B9406000
040A0000 00514614 D65F03C0

[03# Unlock All Items]
040A0000 00515520 52800020
040A0000 00515524 D65F03C0

[Unlock All Items (off)]
040A0000 00515520 D10103FF
040A0000 00515524 A90157F6

[04# Unlock All Hospitals]
040A0000 003D9EE0 52800020
040A0000 003D9EE4 D65F03C0

[Unlock All Hospitals (off)]
040A0000 003D9EE0 A9BD57F6
040A0000 003D9EE4 A9014FF4

[05# Max Reputation]
040A0000 006DC084 4B18967F
040A0000 006DBFAC 1C0006C0

[Max Reputation (off)]
040A0000 006DBFAC BD003A69

[06# Inf Waiting Time]
040A0000 0059569C D503201F

[Inf Waiting Time (off)]
040A0000 0059569C 1E203900

[07# Instant Upgrade]
040A0000 04636420 1C000060
040A0000 04636424 BD005800
040A0000 04636428 D65F03C0
040A0000 0463642C 461C3C00
040A0000 0047824C 9506F875

[Instant Upgrade]
040A0000 0047824C BD405800

[08# Max Staff Level]
040A0000 00472090 52800080

[Max Staff Level (off)]
040A0000 00472090 B942DC00

[09# Max Staff Energy]
040A0000 04636390 BD401800
040A0000 04636394 BD001000
040A0000 04636398 D65F03C0
040A0000 003DC6D0 95096730

[Max Staff Energy (off)]
040A0000 003DC6D0 945FB168

[10# No Maintenance Needed]
040A0000 04636380 BD401400
040A0000 04636384 BD001000
040A0000 04636388 D65F03C0
040A0000 003DC6D0 9509672C

[No Maintenance Needed (off)]
040A0000 003DC6D0 945FB168

[11# Max Happiness]
040A0000 046363A0 BD401800
040A0000 046363A4 BD001000
040A0000 046363A8 D65F03C0
040A0000 009CAAC0 94F1AE38

[Max Happiness (off)]
040A0000 009CAAC0 9447F86C

[12# Max Hygiene]
040A0000 046363B0 BD401800
040A0000 046363B4 BD001000
040A0000 046363B8 D65F03C0
040A0000 003DC6D0 95096738

[Max Hygiene (off)]
040A0000 003DC6D0 945FB168

[13# 100% Diagnosis Certainty]
040A0000 046363CC 461C3C00
040A0000 046363C0 1C000060
040A0000 046363C4 BD003800
040A0000 046363C8 D65F03C0
040A0000 0047808C 9506F8CD

[100% Diagnosis Certainty (off)]
040A0000 0047808C BD403800

[14# Always Cure Successfully]
040A0000 00627D88 52800020

[Always Cure Successfully (off)]
040A0000 00627D88 97FCF43E

[15# Fulfill All Staff/Patient Needs]
040A0000 0068FFC8 C61C3C00
040A0000 0068FF98 1C000180
040A0000 0068FFA0 1C000140
040A0000 0068FFA8 1C000100
040A0000 0068FFB0 1C0000C0

[Fulfill All Staff/Patient Needs (off)]
040A0000 0068FF98 BD40E800
040A0000 0068FFA0 BD40EC00
040A0000 0068FFA8 BD40F000
040A0000 0068FFB0 BD40F400

[16# Max Hospital Level]
040A0000 046363D0 1C000060
040A0000 046363D4 BD003A60
040A0000 046363D8 D65F03C0
040A0000 046363DC 4B18967F
040A0000 005EA7B4 95012F07

[Max Hospital Level (off)]
040A0000 005EA7B4 BD403A60

[17# Max Patients Health]
040A0000 046363E0 BD401800
040A0000 046363E4 BD001000
040A0000 046363E8 D65F03C0

[Max Patients Health (off)]

[18# Instant Training]
040A0000 046363F0 1C000068
040A0000 046363F4 BD001108
040A0000 046363F8 D65F03C0
040A0000 046363FC 461C4000
040A0000 00478ED4 9506F547

[Instant Training (off)]
040A0000 00478ED4 BD401108

[19# Instant Refill Applicant List]
040A0000 04636400 1C000061
040A0000 04636404 BD004661
040A0000 04636408 D65F03C0
040A0000 0463640C 447A0000
040A0000 00326E88 950C3D5E

[Instant Refill Applicant List (off)]
040A0000 00326E88 BD404661

[20# Instant Research]
040A0000 04636410 1C000060
040A0000 04636414 BD002A60
040A0000 04636418 D65F03C0
040A0000 0463641C 461C4000
040A0000 003B8304 9509F843

[Instant Research (off)]
040A0000 003B8304 1E282940

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