Arcade Archives GALAGA Switch v1.0.1 Cheat Codes

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Nintendo Switch game “Arcade Archives GALAGA” 11 cheat codes download, compatible with version 1.0.1, for other versions please search on this site.

It is a sequel to GALAXIAN. This title introduces a new model of FIGHTER equipped with rapid-fire missiles to confront vicious aliens! It also enables players to rescue FIGHTERS captured by BOSS GALAGA tractor beams, forming a Dual FIGHTER for synchronized dual missile fire.

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes. Interested players can come and give it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.1

Arcade Archives GALAGA v1.0.1 TID: 0100566015AD2000 BID: 8C2E840DBCBF71F5

[Breeze beta63 Arcade Archives GALAGA 1.0.1 TID: 0100566015AD2000 BID: 8C2E840DBCBF71F5]
580F0000 003D7128 
580F1000 000007D0 
780F0000 00000000 
610F0000 00000000 00000063 

580F0000 003D6788 
580F1000 00000550 
780F0000 00000420 
610F0000 00000000 00000063 

[Select Stage(1=2,FF=0)]
580F0000 00A8F240 
580F1000 000006D0 
780F0000 00000421 
610F0000 00000000 00000001 

[Perfect Challenge Stage]
580F0000 00ADE338 
580F1000 00000548 
780F0000 00000688 
610F0000 00000000 00000028 

[All Challenge Stage ]
580F0000 003D6798 
580F1000 000006F0 
780F0000 00000426 
610F0000 00000000 00000000 

[Always Double Ship]
580F0000 003D6798 
580F1000 000006F0 
780F0000 00000427 
610F0000 00000000 00000001 

Arcade Archives GALAGA – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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