Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Switch v1.1.1 Cheat Codes

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The Nintendo Switch game “Xenoblade Chronicles 3” has 28 cheat codes available for download, compatible with version 1.1.1. For other versions, please search within the site.

The entire work of “Xenoblade Chronicles 3” is filled with the distinctive personal style of the director, Tetsuya Takahashi. Combined with the various trials and tribulations in his own life, not all players resonate with his wavelength, and not everyone can understand everything he intends to convey in the game.

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes. Players who are interested can give it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.1.1

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 v1.1.1 TID: 010074F013262000 BID: 03EE3DBAC10CACB8

{Xenoblade Chronicles 3 v1.1.1 TID: 010074F013262000 BID: 03EE3DBAC10CACB8}
040B0000 00FD2580 F9400009
040B0000 00FD2584 B9409929
040B0000 00FD2588 12001D2A
040B0000 00FD258C D65F03C0
040B0000 00FD2590 AA0203F3
040B0000 00FD2594 97FFFFFB
040B0000 00FD2598 3618004A
040B0000 00FD259C 2A1F03F4
040B0000 00FD25A0 17C7D9C7
040B0000 00FD25A4 AA0103F6
040B0000 00FD25A8 97FFFFF6
040B0000 00FD25AC 3718008A
040B0000 00FD25B0 10000009
040B0000 00FD25B4 B940112B
040B0000 00FD25B8 1B0B7E94
040B0000 00FD25BC 17C7D9C1
040B0000 00FD25C4 BD4037E1
040B0000 00FD25C8 10000000
040B0000 00FD25CC 1E202028
040B0000 00FD25D0 54000085
040B0000 00FD25D4 BD402006
040B0000 00FD25D8 1E262821
040B0000 00FD25DC BD0037E1
040B0000 00FD25E0 4D008100
040B0000 00FD25E4 D65F03C0
040B0000 00FD25EC F9400268
040B0000 00FD25F0 394EE508
040B0000 00FD25F4 34000088
040B0000 00FD25F8 10000000
040B0000 00FD25FC BD401408
040B0000 00FD2600 1E280800
040B0000 00FD2604 1E200822
040B0000 00FD2608 D65F03C0
040B0000 00FD2610 531E7400
040B0000 00FD2614 D65F03C0
040B0000 00FD2618 7100151F
040B0000 00FD261C 54000061
040B0000 00FD2620 52800389
040B0000 00FD2624 39003289
040B0000 00FD2628 B3603D01
040B0000 00FD262C D65F03C0
040B0000 00FD2630 52800077
040B0000 00FD2634 39034117
040B0000 00FD2638 D65F03C0

[Invisible. - Open]
040B0000 00134A24 36FFCD9C

[Invisibility. - Off]
040B0000 00134A24 37E0021C

[2x damage]
040B0000 001C8CBC 1438263A
040B0000 00FD25C0 00000002

[4x damage]
040B0000 001C8CBC 1438263A
040B0000 00FD25C0 00000004

[8x damage]
040B0000 001C8CBC 1438263A
040B0000 00FD25C0 00000008

[damage reduction]
040B0000 001C8CBC AA0103F6

[Money 4x]
040B0000 00279F90 0B150B08
040B0000 007229F8 0B080928

[money is not diminishing]
040B0000 0027A040 6B1F0308
040B0000 00822874 4B1F0108
040B0000 00823B60 4B1F0108

[No loss of HP]
040B0000 001C8CB8 14382636

[HP is not reduced. - Off]
040B0000 001C8CB8 AA0203F3

[auto-reply on]
040B0000 00AA231C 320007E8
040B0000 00AA31F4 D503201F

[auto-reply off]
040B0000 00AA231C 3943A008
040B0000 00AA31F4 37180148

[Experience value 2 times]
040B0000 0028B7D4 0B080528

[Experience value 4 times]
040B0000 0028B7D4 0B080928

[Experience value 8 times]
040B0000 0028B7D4 0B080D28

[No reduction in SP points]
040B0000 0082FCCC 4B1F03F7

[Rank 1 Battle Unlocked]
040B0000 0028BAE4 1A803009

[Professional experience 8 times]
040B0000 0028B908 0B090D02

[Professional experience 16 times]
040B0000 0028B908 0B091102

[Professional experience 32 times]
040B0000 0028B908 0B091502

[Full map pickup.]
040B0000 0089FF84 D503201F

[Full map pickups off]
040B0000 0089FF84 54000065

[Increased pickup range]
040B0000 0089FF0C 1E261008

[Noppen coins don't cut it]
040B0000 005A6968 79074E7F
040B0000 005A698C 9A883102
040B0000 006E93C0 6B08011F
040B0000 006EAA74 52800001
040B0000 006F6EB4 6B08011F
040B0000 006F7CC0 52800001

[Full jewelry becomes 28]
040B0000 004BCA7C 942C56E7

[4x the experience of finding new locations]
040B0000 00425850 142EB370

[Increased block rate]
040B0000 00269930 1A8A3149
040B0000 00269944 1A8A3148

[Landmarks are open]
040B0000 0050DA90 D503201F

[Landmarks all on off]
040B0000 0050DA90 360024C0

[Rest stops all the way open. - Open]
040B0000 0050E0C8 52800036

[Rest stops all on, off]
040B0000 0050DA90 12000016

[Moon jump (hold B)]
040B0000 008C384C 941C3B5E
040B0000 00FD25E8 00000000
040B0000 00FD25E8 3F800000

[Nullify fall damage]
040B0000 008F271C AA1F03F4

[Move 1.5 times faster]
040B0000 008B7068 1E2F1000
040B0000 008B7070 1E2F1000

[Move 2 times faster]
040B0000 008B7068 1E201000
040B0000 008B7070 1E201000

[Move 3 times faster]
040B0000 008B7068 1E211000
040B0000 008B7070 1E211000

[Move 4 times faster]
040B0000 008B7068 1E221000
040B0000 008B7070 1E221000

[Movement speed. Restore.]
040B0000 008B7068 1E212800
040B0000 008B7070 1E2E1000

[Ether bottle refilled at once]
040B0000 005F49DC 1E204020

[Lucky Monster is a sure thing]
040B0000 005E4B84 52800036

[Lucky Monster is a sure thing. - Off]
040B0000 005E4B84 2A0403F6

[Chain meter maximum]
040B0000 00191D28 1E29CD20

[Battle Technique Fill Speed 2x]
040B0000 0018B150 94391D27
040B0000 00FD260C 40000000

[Battle Technique Fill Speed 4x]
040B0000 0018B150 94391D27
040B0000 00FD260C 40800000

[Battle Technique Fill Speed 6x]
040B0000 0018B150 94391D27
040B0000 00FD260C 40C00000

[Battletech instantly completes the fill]
040B0000 0018B150 94391D27
040B0000 00FD260C 42C80000

[Career level cap unlocked]
040B0000 0028B47C D503201F
040B0000 0028B8FC 1A88011B
040B0000 0051F8C8 1A880100

[Spirit Link won't overheat]
040B0000 00211DFC 1E293928

[Spiritual title linking level max]
040B0000 0021D694 9436D3E7

[Infinity Sword Drawing Time∞]
040B0000 001A7A58 1E204000

[The link is overheating and won't release]
040B0000 00212370 D503201F

[Spirit link is overheating and won't release]
040B0000 00212370 5400038A

[Fast increase in bond points]
040B0000 00281AF8 0B141114

[Mark the tombstone of the titleholder]
040B0000 0050F448 D503201F

[Marking the tombstone of the titleholder]
040B0000 0050F448 36000120

[Invisible. - Open]
040B0000 0078B64C D503201F
040B0000 008661E8 D503201F

[Labeling of transmission lines and plants Off]
040B0000 0078B64C 36001180
040B0000 008661E8 3607F8E0

[Soul Hacking Quick Enhancement]
040B0000 00A9DE5C 6B14029F
040B0000 00A9DE60 5A9F3282
040B0000 00A9DEC0 6B14029F
040B0000 00A9DEC4 5A9F3282
040B0000 00A9DEC0 6B14029F
040B0000 00A9DEC4 5A9F3282
040B0000 00A9DF88 6B14029F
040B0000 00A9DF8C 5A9F3282
040B0000 00A9DFEC 6B14029F
040B0000 00A9DFF0 5A9F3282
040B0000 00A9E038 6B1602DF
040B0000 00A9E044 5A9F32C2
040B0000 00A9E088 6B1602DF
040B0000 00A9E094 5A9F32C2
040B0000 00A9E0D8 6B1602DF
040B0000 00A9E0E4 5A9F32C2
040B0000 00A9E140 6B14029F
040B0000 00A9E144 5A9F3282
040B0000 00A9E1B4 6B1602DF
040B0000 00A9E1B8 5A9F32C2
040B0000 00A9E230 6B1602DF
040B0000 00A9E234 5A9F32C2
040B0000 00A9E230 6B1602DF
040B0000 00A9E234 5A9F32C2
040B0000 00A9E328 6B1602DF
040B0000 00A9E32C 5A9F32C2
040B0000 00AA0C10 14000014

[The cooking effect lasts indefinitely]
040B0000 0028613C 1E204020

[Unlocking the rest stop downgrade feature]
040B0000 005CAED8 1A89B129
040B0000 005CA064 7100051F
040B0000 00708BEC D503201F

[Lower exchange fees for clearing houses]
040B0000 004BE614 14000005

[Walking on the sand won't wash away]
040B0000 008F0928 1E212020

[Scene damage nullification (hazard resistance)]
040B0000 0090A7AC 17FFFF9F

[Ignore the need for collection type tasks Open]
040B0000 004BE47C 52800640

[Ignoring the need for collection-type tasks Off]
040B0000 004BE47C 1A8833E0

[Collection manuals can be registered directly]
040B0000 005087A4 17FFFFDA
040B0000 005087E0 17FFFFCD

[Collection manual closed (do not use before tutorial)]
040B0000 005087A4 35FFFB49
040B0000 005087E0 35FFF9A0

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