Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Switch v1.0.0 Cheat Codes

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The Nintendo Switch game “Xenoblade Chronicles 3” has 45 cheat codes available for download, compatible with version 1.0.0. For other versions, please search within the site.

Players can quickly move through discovered landmarks and resting places. Landmarks include regular teleportation landmarks and secret ones. Teleportation points are marked on the map in the order of the map list by pressing the “+” key. Landmarks and resting places are indicated by different colored numbers.

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes. Players who are interested can give it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.0

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 v1.0.0 TID: 010074F013262000 BID: 60887A25B6652991

{Xenoblade Chronicles 3 v1.0.0 TID: 010074F013262000 BID: 60887A25B6652991}
040B0000 00FA9010 F9400009
040B0000 00FA9014 B9409929
040B0000 00FA9018 12001D2A
040B0000 00FA901C D65F03C0
040B0000 00FA9020 AA0203F3
040B0000 00FA9024 97FFFFFB
040B0000 00FA9028 3620004A
040B0000 00FA902C 2A1F03F4
040B0000 00FA9030 17C87D59
040B0000 00FA9034 AA0103F6
040B0000 00FA9038 97FFFFF6
040B0000 00FA903C 3720006A
040B0000 00FA9040 18FF38CB
040B0000 00FA9044 1B0B7E94
040B0000 00FA9048 17C87D54
040B0000 00FA904C BD413660
040B0000 00FA9050 1CFF3741
040B0000 00FA9054 1E212800
040B0000 00FA9058 BD013660
040B0000 00FA905C 3DC04E60
040B0000 00FA9060 17E3CC96
040B0000 00FA9064 52800077
040B0000 00FA9068 39034117
040B0000 00FA906C D65F03C0

[Invisible. - Open]
040B0000 00134734 36FFCD9C

[Invisibility. - Off]
040B0000 00134734 37E0021C

[2x damage]
040B0000 001C8594 143782A8
040B0000 00FA7758 00000002

[4x damage]
040B0000 001C8594 143782A8
040B0000 00FA7758 00000004

[8x damage]
040B0000 001C8594 143782A8
040B0000 00FA7758 00000008

[damage reduction]
040B0000 001C8594 AA0103F6

[Money 4x]
040B0000 00278B5C 0B150B08
040B0000 006FE970 0B080928

[money is not diminishing]
040B0000 00278C0C 6B1F0308
040B0000 007FC384 4B1F0108
040B0000 007FD670 4B1F0108

[No loss of HP]
040B0000 001C8590 143782A4

[HP is not reduced. - Off]
040B0000 001C8590 AA0203F3

[Experience value 2 times]
040B0000 0028A124 0B080528

[Experience value 4 times]
040B0000 0028A124 0B080928

[Experience value 8 times]
040B0000 0028A124 0B080D28

[No reduction in SP points]
040B0000 008097DC 4B1F03F7

[Rank 1 Battle Unlocked]
040B0000 0028A434 1A803009

[Professional experience 8 times]
040B0000 0028A258 0B090D02

[Professional experience 16 times]
040B0000 0028A258 0B091102

[Professional experience 32 times]
040B0000 0028A258 0B091502

[No reduction in props. - Open]
040B0000 0026DA30 2A1F03F4

[No reduction in props]
040B0000 0026DA30 2A0203F4

[Auto Pickup On]
040B0000 00878B04 D503201F

[Auto Pickup Off]
040B0000 00878B04 54000065

[Increased block rate]
040B0000 002685F8 1A8A3149
040B0000 0026860C 1A8A3148

[Nullify fall damage]
040B0000 008CB18C AA1F03F4

[Moon jump (hold B)]
040B0000 0089C2B4 141C3366
040B0000 00FA7738 00000000
040B0000 00FA7738 3F800000

[Move 1.5 times faster]
040B0000 0088FAE8 1E2F1000
040B0000 0088FAF0 1E2F1000

[Move 2 times faster]
040B0000 0088FAE8 1E201000
040B0000 0088FAF0 1E201000

[Move 3 times faster]
040B0000 0088FAE8 1E211000
040B0000 0088FAF0 1E211000

[The map is full of rare monsters]
040B0000 005D0CFC 52800036

[The map is all rare monsters]
040B0000 005D0CFC 2A0403F6

[Chain meter maximum]
040B0000 00191718 1E29CD20

[Battle Technique CD Quick Fill]
040B0000 0018ABCC 1E2E1009

[Career level cap unlocked]
040B0000 00289DCC D503201F
040B0000 0028A24C 1A88011B
040B0000 00517FB8 1A880100

[Spirit Link won't overheat]
040B0000 0021150C 1E293928

[Spiritual title linking level max]
040B0000 0021CDA4 943630B0

[Fast increase in bond points]
040B0000 00280698 0B141114

[Soul Hacking Quick Enhancement]
040B0000 00A76204 6B1602DF
040B0000 00A76208 5A9F32C2
040B0000 00A76280 6B1602DF
040B0000 00A76284 5A9F32C2
040B0000 00A762FC 6B1602DF
040B0000 00A76300 5A9F32C2
040B0000 00A76378 6B1602DF
040B0000 00A7637C 5A9F32C2

[The cooking effect lasts indefinitely]
040B0000 00284C0C 1E204020

[Collection manuals can be registered directly]
040B0000 00500ED8 320003FA
040B0000 005018A4 52800020

[Lower exchange fees for clearing houses]
040B0000 004BBC14 14000005

[No Noppen coins are consumed while cooking]
040B0000 006D3310 6B08011F
040B0000 006E1BF0 52800001

[Melting ignores the need for Noppen coins]
040B0000 006E0E04 6B08011F
040B0000 006E1C10 52800001

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