Cult of the Lamb Switch v1.2.6 Cheat Codes

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Nintendo Switch game “Cult of the Lamb” 10 cheat codes download, compatible with version 1.2.6, for other versions please search on the website.

In this land dominated by false prophets, you must establish your own cult, traverse mysteriously diverse regions across the continent, gather a group of devout followers loyal to the forest, spread your true words far and wide, ultimately unify the entire territory, and become the sole orthodox leader.

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes, and interested players can give it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.2.6

Cult of the Lamb v1.2.6 TID: 01002E7016C46000 BID: E8AE371436F8554F

[Cult of the Lamb 1.2.6 TID: 01002E7016C46000 BID: E8AE371436F8554F]
[unlimited money]
04000000 01A39C74 B9401508
04000000 01A39C74 14B778C5
04000000 04817F88 5284E1F4
04000000 04817F8C B9001514
04000000 04817F90 2A1403E8
04000000 04817F94 17488739

[Material 999999]
04000000 018CF308 B9401513
04000000 018CF308 14BD232C
04000000 04817FB8 5284E1F3
04000000 04817FBC B9001513
04000000 04817FC0 1742DCD3

[Building materials appear out of thin air]
04000000 018CF304 54FFFF01
04000000 018CF304 D503201F

[All 3 types of blood]
04000000 04817FD0 1E269000
04000000 04817FD4 BD09D400
04000000 04817FD8 BD09D000
04000000 04817FDC BD09D800
04000000 04817FE0 BD09DC00
04000000 04817FE4 175D417A

[Speed x2]
04000000 019E4FE0 1E2E1001
04000000 019E4FE0 1E201001

[kill at one blow]
04000000 01C18800 BD408800
04000000 01C18800 14AFFDFA
04000000 04817FE8 1E2703E0
04000000 04817FEC BD008800
04000000 04817FF0 17500205

[No need to collect souls]
04000000 04817FF8 52845700
04000000 04817FFC B900F900

[Holy Crown Inspiration Direct]
04000000 018CCBDC B94A3800
04000000 018CCBDC 14BCAC23

[Rapid completion of tasks]
04000000 01E44844 B9404908
04000000 01E44844 14A6CD0D

[Unlimited Ammo]
04000000 019CF4B0 BD401900
04000000 019CF4B0 14B8A1F6

Cult of the Lamb – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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