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Download the 8 cheat codes for the Nintendo Switch game “Alice Gear Aegis CS,” compatible with version 1.0.1 HK edition; for other versions, please search on the website.

This edition features a total of 22 Actresses who appeared in the first three chapters of the original game. In the story mode of this version, players can choose any of them as the protagonist and experience their unique original story.

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes, and players interested can give it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.1

Alice Gear Aegis CS, Concerto of Simulatrix (HK) v1.0.1 TID=0100ABC017D64000 BID=F77CF4D7D7673A83

[Alice Gear Aegis CS, Concerto of Simulatrix (HK) v1.0.1 TID=0100ABC017D64000 BID=F77CF4D7D7673A83]
[Restore Code (Use after unchecking any cheats below)]
040E0000 02D7E704 2A0003F3
040E0000 02D7F960 2A0003F3
040E0000 02D7FAD0 2A0103F3
040E0000 0262CA94 4EA11C29
040E0000 0262CA98 4EA01C08
040E0000 0262C158 F9401008
040E0000 0262FBF0 BD401101
040E0000 02630050 BD408808
040E0000 026302E4 F9400C00

[#01. Add Gold (5x)]
040E0000 02D7E704 0B000813

[#02. Shopping Never Reduce Gold]
040E0000 02D7F960 2A1F03F3

[#03. Actress Exp (5x)]
040E0000 02D7FAD0 0B010833

[#04. No Damage to Player]
080E0000 02DA1FF8 D65F03C0 4EA11C29
080E0000 02DA1FF0 1E2703E1 1E2703E0
080E0000 02DA1FE8 34000074 39412294
040E0000 02DA1FE4 F9400C14
040E0000 0262CA94 941DD554

[#05. 3x Damage to Foe]
080E0000 02DA1FDC D65F03C0 4EA01C08
080E0000 02DA1FD4 1E280800 1E280929
080E0000 02DA1FCC 1E211008 35000094
080E0000 02DA1FC4 39412294 F9400C14
040E0000 0262CA98 941DD54B

[#06. No Consume Bullet Ammunition]
080E0000 02DA1FBC D65F03C0 F9401008
080E0000 02DA1FB4 2A1F03E1 34000048
080E0000 02DA1FAC 39412108 F9400C08
040E0000 0262C158 941DD795

[#07. No Consume SP]
080E0000 02DA1FA4 D65F03C0 BD401101
080E0000 02DA1F9C 1E2703E0 3400005D
080E0000 02DA1F94 394123BD F9400FBD
040E0000 0262FBF0 941DC8E9
080E0000 02DA1F8C D65F03C0 1E2703E8
080E0000 02DA1F84 34000040 39412100
040E0000 02DA1F80 BD408808
040E0000 02630050 941DC7CC

[#08. Max SP after accume]
080E0000 02DA1F78 D65F03C0 1E280800
080E0000 02DA1F70 1E27D008 34000061
080E0000 02DA1F68 39412001 F9400C00
040E0000 026302E4 941DC721

Alice Gear Aegis CS – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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