SaGa Emerald Beyond Switch v1.0.0 Cheat Codes

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Nintendo Switch game “SaGa Emerald Beyond” 7 cheat codes download, compatible with version 1.0.0. For other versions, please search within this site.

The latest standalone entry in the SaGa franchise, SaGa Emerald Beyond, brings together the very best elements of the beloved series to offer each player their own unique gameplay experience.

The following are the detailed cheat code contents. Interested players can give it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.0

SaGa Emerald Beyond DEMO v1.0 TID: 01006D601E22C000 BID: 89EBCBB6084CDF41

[Breeze beta89  SaGa Emerald Beyond DEMO 1.0 TID: 01006D601E22C000 BID: 89EBCBB6084CDF41]
[start of turn hp fill 5 ohk others]
04000000 02C72E4C B9401108 
04010000 02C72E4C 14F5E755 
04010000 069ECBA0 A9376BF9 
04010000 069ECBA4 180001F9 
04010000 069ECBA8 53103FDA 
04010000 069ECBAC 6B1A033F 
04010000 069ECBB0 54000121 
04010000 069ECBB4 7100169F 
04010000 069ECBB8 5400008A 
04010000 069ECBBC BD401908 
04010000 069ECBC0 BD001108 
04010000 069ECBC4 14000006 
04010000 069ECBC8 1C0000E8 
04010000 069ECBCC BD001108 
04010000 069ECBD0 14000003 
04010000 069ECBD4 B9401108 
04010000 069ECBD8 A9776BF9 
04010000 069ECBDC 170A189D 
04010000 069ECBE0 B5D40000 
04010000 069ECBE4 00000001 

[ohk others off]
04010000 069ECBCC D503201F 

[hp fill 4]
04010000 069ECBB4 7100129F 

[hp fill 3]
04010000 069ECBB4 71000E9F 

[hp fill 2]
04010000 069ECBB4 71000A9F 

[hp fill 1]
04010000 069ECBB4 7100069F 

[Off enable]
04000000 02C72E4C B9401108 

SaGa Emerald Beyond – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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