Dwerve Switch v1.1.6 Cheat Codes

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The Nintendo Switch game “Dwerve” offers 4 cheat codes for download, compatible with version 1.1.6. For other versions, please search within the website.

This game is a legendary tower defense dungeon role-playing game! In the vast hollow mountains of Ravenpeak, the great dwarven civilization once thrived. One day, while diligently mining deep within the mountains, the dwarves discovered energy stones! With these energy stones powering their machines, the dwarves built prosperous cities.

Below, we have provided detailed information on its cheat codes for those players interested in giving them a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.1.6

Dwerve v1.1.6 TID: 0100438014C2C000 BID: 71B37A0E8606CBCF

[Dwerve 1.1.6 TID: 0100438014C2C000 BID: 71B37A0E8606CBCF]

[HP Unlimited]
04000000 01A51F8C 947F03DD
04000000 03A12F00 B9407E68
04000000 03A12F04 34000048
04000000 03A12F08 52800014
04000000 03A12F0C B9407268
04000000 03A12F10 4B140108
04000000 03A12F14 D65F03C0

[HP Unlimited OFF]
04000000 01A51F8C 4B140108

[Green Crystal Unlimited]
04000000 01A73210 71000348
04000000 01A73364 11000108
04000000 01769A8C 51000108
04000000 017698B0 11000101

[Green Crystal Unlimited OFF]
04000000 01A73210 6B170348
04000000 01A73364 0B170108
04000000 01769A8C 51000508
04000000 017698B0 11000501

Dwerve – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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