Persona 5 Royal (US) Switch v1.0.1 Cheat Codes

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Here are the detailed cheat codes for downloading the twenty-seven cheats for the Nintendo Switch game “Persona 5 Royal (US),” compatible with version 1.0.1. For other versions, please search within this site.

Prepare for the award-winning RPG experience in this definitive edition of Persona 5 Royal, which includes a treasure trove of downloadable content!

Below is the detailed cheat code for those interested players to try out.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.1

Persona 5 Royal (US) v1.0.1 TID=01005CA01580E000 BID=D4B150B29A931CD3

[Persona 5 Royal v65536 TID=01005CA01580E000 BID=D4B150B29A931CD3]
[Restore Code (Use after unchecking any cheats below)]
040E0000 008A64E0 79452809
040E0000 008A3A60 0B010108
040E0000 008A3A5C B9400C08
040E0000 008A3AA0 0B010108
040E0000 00679790 0B000114
040E0000 0088FCA4 0B010108
040E0000 008808F8 0B000129
040E0000 009C078C 0B080128
040E0000 0088C08C 39680100
040E0000 0088C0EC 397C0100
040E0000 0088BFFC 38686800
040E0000 0088C180 38696900
040E0000 0088C02C 39500100
040E0000 0088C120 38696900
040E0000 0088C05C 39600100
040E0000 0088C150 38696900
040E0000 0088C0BC 39780100
040E0000 0097C3C8 97FC9B7A
080E0000 0097A9A0 A9014FF4 A9BE7BFD
040E0000 00858DB4 2A0103F4
040E0000 00E37384 2A0003F8
040E0000 00D9D854 97FFA2B7
040E0000 00DD41A4 97FEC81F
040E0000 00DE1D00 97FE9110
040E0000 00DC35DC 97FF0BAD
040E0000 00DC35EC 97FF0BA9
040E0000 009A40A8 9402A302
040E0000 009A44D4 9402A1F7
040E0000 009DDD78 9401BBCE
020E0000 02286B28 00000000
020E0000 02286B2A 00000000
020E0000 02286B2C 00000000

[#01. Inf AMMO]
040E0000 008A64E0 D65F03C0

[#02. Inf HP]
080E0000 01318FF8 D65F03C0 0B010108
080E0000 01318FF0 37180053 39400C13
040E0000 01318FEC 36F80061
040E0000 008A3A60 9429D563

[#03. 5x Damage]
080E0000 01318FE4 D65F03C0 B9400C08
080E0000 01318FDC 0B010821 37180048
080E0000 01318FD4 39400C08 36F80061
040E0000 008A3A5C 9429D55E

[#04. Inf SP]
080E0000 01318FCC D65F03C0 0B010108
040E0000 01318FC8 37F80041
040E0000 008A3AA0 9429D54A

[#05. 8x EXP for player]
040E0000 00679790 0B080C14

[#06. 8x EXP for Persona]
040E0000 0088FCA4 0B010D08

[#07. Inf Money with 8x income]
080E0000 01318FC0 17D59E4E 0B000D29
040E0000 01318FBC 37F80040
040E0000 008808F8 142A61B1
080E0000 01318FB4 D65F03C0 2A0903E8
080E0000 01318FAC 0B080D29 37F80048
040E0000 009C078C 94256208

[#08. All items 88 (Realize after changed)]
040E0000 0088C08C 52800B00

[#09. Have all Treasures]
040E0000 0088C0EC 52800020

[#10. All weapons, accessory and outfit are ready]
040E0000 0088BFFC 52800020
040E0000 0088C180 52800020
040E0000 0088C02C 52800020
040E0000 0088C120 52800020
040E0000 0088C05C 52800020
040E0000 0088C150 52800020

[#11. Have All Key Items (Fake)]
040E0000 0088C0BC 52800020

[#12. No level restrictions on Persona Fusion]
040E0000 0097C3C8 52800C60

[#13. Max Relative Confidant on Persona Fusion]
080E0000 0097A9A0 D65F03C0 52800140

[#14. 5x Confidant Raising Speed]
040E0000 00858DB4 0B010834

[#15. 5x Social Stats Raising Speed]
040E0000 00E37384 0B000818

[#16. Thieves Den (PP) do not decrease]
040E0000 00D9D854 2A1F03E0
040E0000 00DD41A4 2A1F03E0
040E0000 00DE1D00 2A1F03E0
040E0000 00DC35DC 2A1F03E0
040E0000 00DC35EC 2A1F03E0

[#17. Mementos Flowers do not decrease]
040E0000 009A40A8 D503201F
040E0000 009A44D4 D503201F
040E0000 009DDD78 D503201F

[#18. Max Mementos Stamps - Exp Up (200%)]
020E0000 02286B28 0000000A

[#19. Max Mementos Stamps - Money Rewards Up (200%)]
020E0000 02286B2A 0000000A

[#20. Max Mementos Stamps - Item Rewards Up (x11)]
020E0000 02286B2C 0000000A

[#21. 60 FPS]
040E0000 01049144 52800021

[#22. 30 FPS]
040E0000 01049144 52800041

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