Disney Dreamlight Valley Switch v1.9.0 Cheat Codes

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Download 3 cheat codes for the Nintendo Switch game “Disney Dreamlight Valley,” compatible with version 1.9.0. For other versions, search on this site.

Join beloved Disney and Pixar characters on an enchanting journey in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Take your adventure further to Eternity Isle for even more thrilling escapades!

Here are the detailed cheat codes for interested players to try out.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.9.0

Disney Dreamlight Valley v1.9.0 TID: 0100D39012C1A000 BID: 34A7473ABF0EFCCC

[Breeze beta89  Disney Dreamlight Valley 1.9.0 TID: 0100D39012C1A000 BID: 34A7473ABF0EFCCC]
[dreamlight tasks read]
04000000 037A8378 B8686A68 

[coins and dreamlights 1m]
04000000 03756810 F9401400 
04010000 03756810 14D3120A 
04010000 06C1B038 1C000080 
04010000 06C1B03C BD002C00 
04010000 06C1B040 F9401400 
04010000 06C1B044 172CEDF4 
04010000 06C1B048 000F4240 

[qty 100]
04000000 01F3B820 B9401EF5 
04010000 01F3B820 15337E0C 
04010000 06C1B050 18000075 
04010000 06C1B054 B9001EF5 
04010000 06C1B058 16CC81F3 
04010000 06C1B05C 00000064 

[Off enable]
04000000 0308B2FC 6B1902A8 
04000000 03756810 F9401400 
04000000 01F3B820 B9401EF5 

Disney Dreamlight Valley – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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