Laika: Aged Through Blood Switch v1.0.2.2 Cheat Codes

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Below are the detailed cheat codes for downloading the Nintendo Switch game “Laika: Aged Through Blood,” compatible with version For other versions, please search within this site.

Laika: Aged Through Blood is a western-inspired metroidvania set in a post-apocalyptic desert. It tells the story of a tribe oppressed by occupying forces and follows the personal journey of a mother coyote warrior seeking vengeance on an endless path to reclaim what her people have lost.

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Spoiler: Code Version

Laika: Aged Through Blood v1.0.2.2 TID: 01000CB01C248000 BID: 02F5547E2603338F

[Breeze beta88  Laika: Aged Through Blood TID: 01000CB01C248000 BID: 02F5547E2603338F]
[invinsible  off]
04010000 02F70E70 14C57F2C 
04010000 060D0B20 18000088 
04010000 060D0B24 B9003268 
04010000 060D0B28 52800208 
04010000 060D0B2C 173A80D2 
04010000 060D0B30 42C80000 
04000000 02F70E70 B9402E68 

[ammo full]
04000000 023EF120 B9401814 
04010000 023EF120 14F3868E 
04010000 060D0B58 18000074 
04010000 060D0B5C B9001814 
04010000 060D0B60 170C7971 
04010000 060D0B64 0000000A 

[parry no dec]
04000000 02F6E264 51000508 
04000000 02F6E264 51000108 

[coins 1m]
04000000 0224AFBC B9401001 
04010000 0224AFBC 14FA16DF 
04010000 060D0B38 18000061 
04010000 060D0B3C B9001001 
04010000 060D0B40 1705E920 
04010000 060D0B44 000F4240 

[read qty]
04000000 0246D0E8 B9401116 

[Off enable]
04000000 023EF120 B9401814 
04000000 02F6E264 51000508 
04000000 0224AFBC B9401001 

Laika: Aged Through Blood – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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