Death’s Door Switch v1.1.6a Cheat Codes

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Download 11 cheat codes for the Nintendo Switch game “Death’s Door,” compatible with version 1.1.6b; for other versions, please search on this site.

The task becomes thrilling when a desperate thief steals the soul you’re assigned to retrieve, leading you to pursue them into a realm untouched by death. Here, creatures exceed their expiration dates, brimming with greed and power.

Below is the detailed content of the cheat codes for interested players to try out.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.1.6a

Death’s Door v1.1.6a TID: 0100B31015AF8000 BID: 0D20B5FF11828346

{Death's Door v1.1.6a TID: 0100B31015AF8000 BID: 0D20B5FF11828346}
040B0000 015BA944 360007E0

[Unlimited arrows]
040B0000 01BEA200 52800001

[No need to store power for arrows]
040B0000 01BE9624 1E2029AA

[Movement speed increase]
040B0000 0163CB90 1E201003

[Melee Super Damage]
040B0000 01BEB8C8 1E27D00B
040B0000 01BED578 1E27D00D

[Bow Super Damage]
040B0000 0160D298 1E27D00F

[Turn off super damage]
040B0000 0160D298 BD401AAF
040B0000 01BEB8C8 BD402A8B
040B0000 01BED578 BD402AAD

[Increased attack range]
040B0000 01BE0A04 1E27D00B

[Lower upgrade costs]
040B0000 01A57098 52800B13

[Seeds of Life Unlimited]
040B0000 01A558FC 4B1F0108

[ZR Attack Quick Buildup]
040B0000 01BEB0B0 1E285900

Death’s Door – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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