Elderand Switch v1.3.2.1 Cheat Codes

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The Nintendo Switch game “Elderand” has 25 cheat codes available for download, compatible with version For other versions, please search on the website.

Players can customize their character’s appearance, skills, attributes, and weapons to gain an exclusive combat experience. Utilize a variety of weapons, enhance personal skills, and face formidable bosses to test your courage. Explore the Lovecraftian-style twisted world shrouded in darkness and madness.

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes. Interested players are welcome to give them a try.

Spoiler: Code Version

Elderand v1.3.2.1 TID=0100239015C0E000 BID=93419906191AF55C

{Elderand Switch v1.3.2.1 TID=0100239015C0E000 BID=93419906191AF55C}
040C0000 037CF678 BD401101
040C0000 037C7574 BD40150A
040C0000 037CBCBC BD406D01
040C0000 037CBEE8 BD407100
040C0000 037C427C BD406501
040C0000 037C4398 BD406900
040C0000 024F9640 D10183FF
040C0000 024FAD70 A9BD7BFD
040C0000 024FFC94 2A0103F5
040C0000 024FFFD0 BD004508
040C0000 02500170 BD004908
040C0000 0435F79C B900AE69
040C0000 0435EBF0 B940AC00
040C0000 02F77974 4B170002
080C0000 04274D00 51000508 B9401A68
040C0000 04273D24 B9402A69
040C0000 042743E4 B9402E69
040C0000 04274AC0 B9403269
040C0000 042740B4 B9403669
040C0000 0427522C 0B140108
040C0000 043CCC3C BD406D09
040C0000 043CC900 BD40710A
040C0000 04275898 B9401108
040C0000 0271F39C B9401508
040C0000 0426DEF0 B9405500
080C0000 044A23B8 3A737469 64657243
080C0000 044A23C0 705F797A 6172635F
080C0000 044A2300 1CFFFFE8 461C3C00
080C0000 044A2308 D65F03C0 BD004508
080C0000 044A2310 BD004908 1CFFFF88
080C0000 044A2318 18000060 D65F03C0
080C0000 044A2320 D65F03C0 B9005500
080C0000 044A2328 B9402A69 05F5E0FF
080C0000 044A2330 B9002A69 5284E1E9
080C0000 044A2338 B9402E69 D65F03C0
080C0000 044A2340 B9002E69 5284E1E9
080C0000 044A2348 B9403269 D65F03C0
080C0000 044A2350 B9003269 5284E1E9
080C0000 044A2358 B9403669 D65F03C0
080C0000 044A2360 B9003669 5284E1E9
080C0000 044A2368 1C0000C9 D65F03C0
080C0000 044A2370 D65F03C0 BD006D09
080C0000 044A2378 BD00710A 1C00008A
080C0000 044A2380 447A0000 D65F03C0
080C0000 044A2388 1C000081 41A00000
080C0000 044A2390 1C000060 D65F03C0
080C0000 044A2398 41800000 D65F03C0
080C0000 044A23A0 00000000 3F19999A

[(ZL+B) Moonjump]
580C0000 06F46BA8
580C1000 00000018
580C1000 00000080
580C1000 00000060
780C0000 00000044
640C0000 00000000 41000000

[(ZL) Speed Up]
040C0000 037CF678 1E24D001
040C0000 037C7574 1E24100A

[(Air) Dash Distance/Speed x2]
040C0000 037CBCBC 943359B4
040C0000 037CBEE8 9433592B
040C0000 037C427C 94337844
040C0000 037C4398 943377FF

040C0000 024F9640 D65F03C0
040C0000 024FAD70 D65F03C0

[Inf. HP]
040C0000 024FFC94 5284E1F5

[Inf. MP]
040C0000 024FFFD0 947E88CD

[Inf. SP]
040C0000 02500170 947E8868

040C0000 0435F79C B900AE7F

[Insta-Kill all Enemies on Map]
040C0000 0435EBF0 2A1F03E0

[Inf. Items]
040C0000 02F77974 52800C62

[Inf. Attribute Points]
080C0000 04274D00 4B1F0108 52807CE8

[Max Vitality (Open Menu/Character)]
040C0000 04273D24 9408B982

[Max Strength (Open Menu/Character)]
040C0000 042743E4 9408B7D6

[Max Dexterity (Open Menu/Character)]
040C0000 04274AC0 9408B623

[Max Wisdom (Open Menu/Character)]
040C0000 042740B4 9408B8AA

[EXP x2]
040C0000 0427522C 0B140508
[EXP x4]
040C0000 0427522C 0B140908
[EXP x16]
040C0000 0427522C 0B141108
[EXP x32]
040C0000 0427522C 0B141508
[EXP x64]
040C0000 0427522C 0B141908

[Pots always drop Items]
040C0000 043CCC3C 940355CC

[Pots drop 20x more Coins]
040C0000 043CC900 9403569E

[Set Max possible Attribute Level to 100]
040C0000 04275898 52800C88

[Set Max possible Level to 999]
040C0000 0271F39C 52807CE8

[Max Coins (Open Menu/Equipment)]
040C0000 0426DEF0 9408D10B

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