Across The Obelisk Switch v1.3.2 Cheat Codes

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Below are the detailed cheat codes for the Nintendo Switch game “Across The Obelisk,” compatible with version 1.3.2. For other versions, please search within this site.

Set forth in a co-op roguelike deckbuilder where every decision matters. Team up with your friends and experience roguelite deckbuilding like never before! Craft decks of enormous power and lead your party on a thrilling quest to rescue a realm in turmoil.

Interested players can now try out the cheat codes provided below.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.3.2

Across The Obelisk v1.3.2 TID: 01004FA01D2C6000 BID: E241DB8C1AF08D55

[Breeze beta88 Across The Obelisk 1.3.2 TID: 01004FA01D2C6000 BID: E241DB8C1AF08D55]
{master code}
04000000 018E0CE0 B940B808
04000000 01B6D7F8 0B130109
04000000 01B6A1B8 0B150108
04000000 01A29AFC 0B190108
04000000 01A29C1C 0B190108
04000000 03D4F308 5284E206
04000000 03D4F30C B940BE65
04000000 03D4F310 6B0500DF
04000000 03D4F314 54000060
04000000 03D4F318 0B150108
04000000 03D4F31C 17786BA8
04000000 03D4F320 0B150108
04000000 03D4F324 17786BA6

[Hp inf]
04000000 018E0CE0 1491B986
04000000 03D4F2F8 B940B408
04000000 03D4F2FC B900B808
04000000 03D4F300 176E4679

[action points]
04000000 01B6D7F8 52800149

[buy for max gold]
04000000 01A29AFC 5284E1E8
04000000 01A29C1C 5284E1E8

[Damage x 2]
04000000 01B6A1B8 14879454
04000000 03D4F320 0B150508

[Damage x 4]
04000000 01B6A1B8 14879454
04000000 03D4F320 0B150908

04000000 01B6A1B8 14879454
04000000 03D4F320 0B080108

Across The Obelisk – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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