SPY×FAMILY OPERATION DIARY Switch v1.0.1 Cheat Codes

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The cheat codes for Nintendo Switch game “SPY×FAMILY OPERATION DIARY” version 1.0.1 are available for download. For other versions, please search within the site.

The game primarily revolves around Anya’s daily routine of completing Eden Academy homework by writing and drawing in a diary, attending school on weekdays, and reuniting with her family at night. On weekends, Anya goes swimming in the sea and visits places like museums to search for photo diaries. However, considering the plot twists in the original manga, the actual background story in the game will be even richer.

Below are the detailed cheat code contents for those interested players to try out.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.1

SPY×FAMILY OPERATION DIARY v1.0.1 TID: 010041601AB40000 BID: BDF38D1A953A7C75

{- SPY×FAMILY OPERATION DIARY v1.0.1 TID: 010041601AB40000 BID: BDF38D1A953A7C75 -}
040C0000 01D4F370 B9405100
040C0000 01D4F3E0 B940F500
040C0000 01D4FD30 B9410900
040C0000 01D4FEA0 B9410D00
080C0000 03B09900 B9005100 18000060
080C0000 03B09908 05F5E0FF D65F03C0
080C0000 03B09910 B900F500 52807CE0
080C0000 03B09918 52807CE0 D65F03C0
080C0000 03B09920 D65F03C0 B9010900
080C0000 03B09928 B9010D00 52807CE0
080C0000 03B09930 00000000 D65F03C0
080C0000 03B09940 3A737469 64657243
080C0000 03B09948 705F797A 6172635F

[Max PP]
040C0000 01D4F370 9476E964

[Max Lightbulb]
040C0000 01D4F3E0 9476E94C

[Max Green Money]
040C0000 01D4FD30 9476E6FB

[Max Gold Money]
040C0000 01D4FEA0 9476E6A2

SPY×FAMILY OPERATION DIARY – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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