Sea of Stars Switch v1.0.45989 Cheat Codes

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Download the 6 cheat codes for the Nintendo Switch game “Sea of Stars,” compatible with version 1.0.45989. For other versions, please search within the site.

To break away from tradition and cater to the design trends of today’s generation, “Sea of Stars” has removed many overly conservative designs. It has incorporated modern lighting and rendering techniques to enhance the pixelated visuals, refining the pixelated characters by removing outdated animation modules, resulting in more vivid and smooth character movements.

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes for players interested in giving them a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.45989

Sea of Stars v1.0.45989 TID: 01008C0016544000 BID: 8DD453261C0DC1F4 

[Breeze beta82  Sea of Stars 1.0.45989 TID: 01008C0016544000 BID: 8DD453261C0DC1F4]

[hp full]
04000000 0251BF30 B9407800 
04000000 0251BF30 146BFA0C 
04000000 0401A760 18000074 
04000000 0401A764 B9007814 
04000000 0401A768 179405F3 
04000000 0401A76C 00000100 

[mp full]
04000000 02188DB8 1A80B288 
04000000 02188DB8 1A80C288 

[gold 999]
04000000 03A24368 B9403108 
04000000 03A24368 52807CE8 

[easy combo]
04000000 01A461F4 B9008261 
04000000 01A461F4 14975161 
04000000 0401A778 18000061 
04000000 0401A77C B9008261 
04000000 0401A780 1768AE9E 
04000000 0401A784 00000BB8 

[Off enable]
04000000 0251BF30 B9407800 
04000000 03A24368 B9403108 
04000000 01A461F4 B9008261 
04000000 02188DB8 1A80B288 

Sea of Stars – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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