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Download the 13 cheat codes for the Nintendo Switch game “TEVI,” compatible with version 1.2. For other versions, please search within the site.

This game combines various elements such as maze exploration, pixel art, pixel illustration, and bullet-hell mechanics into a 2D action-adventure. Players will control an agile bunny girl, embarking on a grand adventure in a vast fantasy world.

Below are the detailed cheat code contents for those interested in giving them a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.2

TEVI v1.2 TID: 010098401CEC4000 BID: 5F6B815C4130B6C0

{TEVI v1.2 TID: 010098401CEC4000 BID: 5F6B815C4130B6C0}
580F0000 059518A8

400B0000 00000000 024DBEE0
640F01B0 00000000 1E201000

[MP does not decrease]
400B0000 00000000 028BB274
640F01B0 00000000 1E204020
400B0000 00000000 028BF064
640F01B0 00000000 D503201F

[Money material is not reduced]
400B0000 00000000 0230ACA0
640F01B0 00000000 4B1F016B

[Material drop rate increase]
400B0000 00000000 0230D248
680F01B0 1E220140 52800C8A

[Attack Speed 2x]
400B0000 00000000 024D1394
640F01B0 00000000 1E282900

[Movement speed 2x]
400B0000 00000000 028BFFA4
640F01B0 00000000 D503201F
400B0000 00000000 028BFFE4
640F01B0 00000000 1E201001

[Jump height 2x]
400B0000 00000000 024E68A0
640F01B0 00000000 1E2C1000

[1.5 times faster gameplay]
400B0000 00000000 035D2F84
640F01B0 00000000 1E2F1000

[Melee Experience Value 2x]
400B0000 00000000 02319990
640F01B0 00000000 0B140508

[Minigame pays 4x]
400B0000 00000000 0231C8B4
640F01B0 00000000 5289C416

[You won't get burned in a lava cave]
400B0000 00000000 024DA0A4
640F01B0 00000000 52800014
400B0000 00000000 024DAB14
640F01B0 00000000 52800008

[Core bursts of unabated energy]
400B0000 00000000 03DFDBB0
640F01B0 00000000 71000268
400B0000 00000000 03DFDD34
640F01B0 00000000 71000108

[Production R&D ignores material requirements]
400B0000 00000000 027C1D84
640F01B0 00000000 6B1702FF

TEVI – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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