They Always Run Switch v1.1.0.287 Cheat Codes

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Nintendo Switch game “They Always Run” cheat codes download – 4 options available, compatible with version For other versions, please search within this site.

This game, developed by Alawar Premium, is a 2D side-scrolling parkour action game set in a space cowboy theme. In it, you will play as Aiden, a three-armed mutant bounty hunter, tasked with capturing, slicing, and eliminating the most dangerous outlaws in the galaxy.

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Spoiler: Code Version

They Always Run v1.1.0.287 TID: 01008F9017F8C000 BID: 044BED84A37A2F63

[Breeze beta34 They Always Run TID: 01008F9017F8C000 BID: 044BED84A37A2F63]
04000000 017CE230	BD002A69
04000000 0192F99C 0B130101
04000000 019D324C 510006E8

[Money x256]
04000000 0192F99C 0B132101 

[Ammo no decrease]
04000000 019D324C 2A1703E8

[HP inf and enemy one hit kill]
04000000	017CE230	145D97AA
04000000	02F340D8	A9376BF9
04000000	02F340DC	18000159
04000000	02F340E0	B9402E7A
04000000	02F340E4	6B19035F
04000000	02F340E8	540000A0
04000000	02F340EC	1E2703E9
04000000	02F340F0	BD002A69
04000000	02F340F4	A9776BF9
04000000	02F340F8	17A2684F
04000000	02F340FC	B9002A7A
04000000	02F34100	17FFFFFD
04000000	02F34104	43820000

They Always Run – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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