High Sea Saga DX Nintendo Switch 2.44 Cheat Codes

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Nintendo Switch game “High Sea Saga DX” offers 6 cheat codes for download, compatible with version 2.44.

Here, players can enjoy an incredibly engaging simulation and nurturing gameplay. This game, an adventure of pirate development battles filled with dreams and hope, allows you to explore islands and transform your ship, enabling you to experience the ideal pirate life.

Every journey is hindered by fierce monsters blocking your path, and rival opponents seeking to destroy your ship.

Below are the detailed cheat codes for those interested players to give them a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 2.44

High Sea Saga DX 2.44 TID: 010077801A942000 BID: EA2D1B0174714DB0

[High Sea Saga DX 2.44 TID: 010077801A942000 BID: EA2D1B0174714DB0]
08000000 01DBF144 B9002269 5282A6E9
08000000 01DBF14C 00005431 17F65A94
08000000 01DBF134 B9004813 52800093
08000000 01DBF13C 00005431 17F65C1D
08000000 01DBF124 17D8AF69 18000048
08000000 01DBF12C 00005431 FFFFD8F1
08000000 01DBF114 B9014668 5282A6E8
08000000 01DBF11C 00005431 17D8B096
08000000 01DBF0FC F9001ED7 58000077
08000000 01DBF104 DFA0F3A0 17DB26C6
08000000 01DBF10C 00005431 FFFFFFFF
04000000 01B55B98 B9402269
04000000 01B57AB0 B9002260
04000000 01B561AC B9404813
04000000 01488C18 B9803AD7
04000000 013EB370 B9014668
04000000 013EAEC8 B9414268

[Purchase of Cannon Money Increases 5431W]
04000000 01488C18 1424D939

[Recruiting Unlimited Redistricting]
04000000 013EB370 14274F69

[Coin max after recruitment is complete]
04000000 013EAEC8 14275097

[Recruitment of characters must be 5-star]
04000000 01B561AC 1409A3E2

[Character interface ZR level change to 5431]
04000000 01B55B98 1409A56B

[Character levels are not refreshed at the end of the adventure]
04000000 01B57AB0 D503201F

High Sea Saga DX – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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