Koumajou Remilia Ⅱ: Stranger’s Requiem v1.0.2 Cheat Codes

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Nintendo Switch game “Koumajou Remilia Ⅱ: Stranger’s Requiem” offers 5 cheat codes for download, compatible with version 1.0.2; for other versions, please search within this site.

In the game, Sakuya Izayoi becomes the protagonist. She must journey to the long-lost Scarlet Devil Mansion, searching for the missing Remilia and other mansion members, as well as clues about the whereabouts of the elusive spring.

Below are the detailed cheat code contents for everyone interested to give them a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.2

Koumajou Remilia Ⅱ: Stranger’s Requiem v1.0.2 TID: 010037601CE4C000 BID: BF751E545D69F2B5

[Breeze beta85  Koumajou Remilia Ⅱ: Stranger's Requiem 1.0.2 TID: 010037601CE4C000 BID: BF751E545D69F2B5]
04000000 015C6054 B941DA62 
04000000 015C6054 14CE2EAB 
04000000 04951B00 18000122 
04000000 04951B04 D503201F 
04000000 04951B08 D503201F 
04000000 04951B0C D503201F 
04000000 04951B10 D503201F 
04000000 04951B14 180000A2 
04000000 04951B18 D503201F 
04000000 04951B1C B941DA62 
04000000 04951B20 1731D14E 
04000000 04951B24 000003E8 
04000000 04951B28 00000063 

[HP full]
04000000 04951B04 B901CE62 
04000000 04951B08 B901D262 

[MP full]
04000000 04951B0C B901D662 

[flame 999]
04000000 04951B10 B901DA62 

[Life 99]
04000000 04951B18 B901DE62 

Koumajou Remilia Ⅱ: Stranger’s Requiem – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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