The Walking Dead: Destinies Switch v1.1.3.5 Cheat Codes

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The Nintendo Switch game “The Walking Dead: Destinies” offers 2 cheat codes for download, compatible with version For other versions, please search on this site. This third-person, narrative-driven action-adventure game allows players to reshape stories from seasons 1 to 4 of the TV series. Players begin as Rick Grimes, visiting key locations like Greene Farm, the prison, Woodbury, and Atlanta. Below, you’ll find detailed cheat code contents for interested players to try.

Spoiler: Code Version

The Walking Dead: Destinies v1.1.3.5 TID: 010010901AFB0000 BID: 491BE7996C5884DC

[Breeze beta84  The Walking Dead: Destinies TID: 010010901AFB0000 BID: 491BE7996C5884DC]
04000000 0409C400 BD403A60 
04000000 0409C400 14015216 
04000000 040F0C58 1C000080 
04000000 040F0C5C BD003A60 
04000000 040F0C60 BD005260 
04000000 040F0C64 17FEADE8 
04000000 040F0C68 461C4000 

04000000 01ED7D90 BD401000 
04000000 01ED7D90 148863B8 
04000000 040F0C70 1C000060 
04000000 040F0C74 BD001000 
04000000 040F0C78 17779C47 
04000000 040F0C7C 42C80000 

[Off enable]
04000000 0409C400 BD403A60 
04000000 01ED7D90 BD401000 

The Walking Dead: Destinies – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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