Sonic Frontiers Switch v1.4.0 Cheat Codes

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Download the 17 cheat codes for the Nintendo Switch game “Sonic Frontiers,” compatible with version 1.4.0. For other versions, please search within this site.

Players will encounter robots across the entire island, and defeating them earns experience points, allowing the character to purchase additional abilities. Sonic can evade or block attacks when facing off against them, using the “Cyloop” to weaken enemies.

Below are the detailed cheat codes for those interested players to give it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.4.0

Sonic Frontiers v1.4.0 TID: 01004AD014BF0000 BID: 585BAC5A827ADD87

[Sonic Frontiers v1.4.0 TID: 01004AD014BF0000 BID: 585BAC5A827ADD87]
[01# Instant Max Rings]
040A0000 0105FCB4 B9402509
040A0000 0120BDF8 B9402509

[Instant Max Rings (off)]
040A0000 0105FCB4 0B090149
040A0000 0120BDF8 0B090149

[02# Slow Time]
040A0000 01A8B7D0 1E249001
040A0000 01A8B7D4 1E211800
040A0000 01A8B7D8 BD402801
040A0000 01A8B7DC 179FE27B

[03# Moon Jump]
040A0000 00F89CDC A90D2269
040A0000 01A8B7E0 A90D2269
040A0000 01A8B7E4 18000068
040A0000 01A8B7E8 B900D668
040A0000 01A8B7EC 17D3F93D
040A0000 01A8B7F0 41600000
040A0000 00F89CDC 142C06C1

[Moon Jump (off)]
040A0000 00F89CDC A90D2269

[04# Inf. Boost]
040A0000 00356C50 BD003E82

[Inf. Boost (off)]
040A0000 00356C50 BD003E80

[06# Have Enhanced Boost without having max rings]
040A0000 0105DB50 17FACA09

[Have Enhanced Boost without having max rings (off)]
040A0000 0105DB50 54594120

[08# Max Memory Tokens When Opening Menu]
040A0000 01A8B800 B9596101
040A0000 01A8B804 B9002A81
040A0000 01A8B808 17E2A082
040A0000 01333A0C 141D5F7D

[Max Memory Tokens When Opening Menu (off)]
040A0000 01333A0C B9596101

[09# Max Lost Kocos When Opening Menu]
040A0000 01A8B810 B9596D09
040A0000 01A8B814 52807CE9
040A0000 01A8B818 B9196D09
040A0000 01A8B81C 17C69160

[13# Max Golden Tickets And Green Fish Tokens]
040A0000 01A8B820 79417AC1
040A0000 01A8B824 52807CE1
040A0000 01A8B828 79017AC1
040A0000 01A8B82C D65F03C0
040A0000 01A8B830 794176C1
040A0000 01A8B834 52807CE1
040A0000 01A8B838 790176C1
040A0000 01A8B83C D65F03C0

[16# Max Golden Tickets And Green Fish Tokens]
040A0000 01A8B840 38696914
040A0000 01A8B844 52864654
040A0000 01A8B848 38296914
040A0000 01A8B84C D65F03C0
040A0000 00F444D4 942D1CDB

[Max Golden Tickets And Green Fish Tokens (off)]
040A0000 00F444D4 79417AC1

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