Broken Universe – Tower Defense Switch v1.0.0 Cheat Codes

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Nintendo Switch game “Broken Universe – Tower Defense” offers 9 cheat codes for download, compatible with version 1.0.0. For other versions, please search on this site.

Enjoy the new and strategic casual defense gameplay featuring cartoon-style graphics! Set up barriers to block enemies or create mazes to defend against monster attacks. Each stage changes depending on your play style.

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes. Interested players are welcome to give them a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.0

Broken Universe – Tower Defense v1.0.0 TID: 0100BA8019546000 BID: 52455A42C8209696

[Breeze beta54 Broken Universe - Tower Defense 1.0.0 TID: 0100BA8019546000 BID: 52455A42C8209696]
04000000 02239AA0 2B140108
04000000 02239B80 2B140108
04000000 02239C60 2B140108
04000000 02074328 1E202820
04000000 0217D268 BD069E60
04000000 02074344 1E202820
04000000 02074864 BD014960
08000000 03FA0B34 D65F03C0 1E202820
08000000 03FA0B14 7100029F 2A1403E0
08000000 03FA0B1C 2B140108 5400004D
08000000 03FA0B24 D65F03C0 6B140108
08000000 03FA0B3C 1E252821 1E249005
08000000 03FA0B44 D65F03C0 1E202820
08000000 02239E1C 2B140108 B940A6A8

[Gold is increasing instead of decreasing]
04000000 02239AA0 94759C1D

[Gears increase rather than decrease]
04000000 02239B80 94759BE5

[Increase rather than decrease in technology points]
04000000 02239C60 94759BAD

[Five-fold increase in resources]
08000000 03FA0B2C 1E222821 1E229002
04000000 02074328 947CB201

[10-fold increase in resources]
08000000 03FA0B2C 1E222821 1E249002
04000000 02074328 947CB201

[Manufacturing point lock 5431]
08000000 02239E1C 31000508 5282A6C8

[Unlimited power]
04000000 02074344 947CB1FE

[No CD for skills]
04000000 02074864 B901497F

[Instant Tower Building]
04000000 0217D268 B9069E7F

Broken Universe – Tower Defense – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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