Floppy Knights Switch v2.0.4 Cheat Codes

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Cheat codes for the Nintendo Switch game “Floppy Knights” are available for download, compatible with version 2.0.4. For other versions, please search within this site.

The game features a fresh and adorable art style, depicting a vibrant fantasy world where alchemy and magic coexist. In this setting, players will lead knights to challenge daring goblins, stylish succulents, and various other peculiar creatures, all while working to earn money and, incidentally, save the world.

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes. Interested players are welcome to give them a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 2.0.4

Floppy Knights v2.0.4 TID: 01006A30171A0000 BID: A8008B6334B9942D}

{Floppy Knights v2.0.4 TID: 01006A30171A0000 BID: A8008B6334B9942D}
[No loss of HP]
040B0000 02763C80 2A0003FA
040B0000 02763C84 AA1403E1
040B0000 02763C88 97C0AB6E
040B0000 02763C8C 35000040
040B0000 02763C90 5280017A
040B0000 02763C94 17C0D6AB
040B0000 0179973C 943F2951

[2x damage]
040B0000 02763C98 2A0003F9
040B0000 02763C9C AA1403E1
040B0000 02763CA0 97C0AB68
040B0000 02763CA4 34000040
040B0000 02763CA8 0B190339
040B0000 02763CAC 17C0D6C9
040B0000 017997CC 143F2933

[No reduction in gold]
040B0000 0175D8B4 4B1F0108

[Unlimited Attack]
040B0000 01798C74 52800020

[Travel distance 2x]
040B0000 0178FA4C 0B1607E1
040B0000 0178FB70 0B1607E2

[Travel distance 4x]
040B0000 0178FA4C 0B160BE1
040B0000 0178FB70 0B160BE2

[No reduction in action points]
040B0000 016705BC 4B1F02B4

Floppy Knights – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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