Tale of Immortal Switch v1.0.1 Cheat Codes

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Cheat codes for the Nintendo Switch game “Tale of Immortal” are available for download, compatible with version 1.0.1; for other versions, please search within the website.

Players can experience the joy of interacting with various mythical creatures and beasts from the Classic of Mountains and Seas, either through the storyline or triggering adventures. This version introduces over 180 legendary creatures, inviting players to immerse themselves in the stories of ancient myths.

Below is the detailed content of the cheat codes for those interested to give it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.1

Tale of Immortal v1.0.1 TID=0100FB701C48C000 BID=63624864E3F646A3

[Tale of Immortal v1.0.1 TID=0100FB701C48C000 BID=63624864E3F646A3]
{Master Code (includes share functions)}
080E0000 06616FF8 D65F03C0 B9400040
080E0000 06616FF0 B9000040 54000041
080E0000 06616FE8 7100043F B9402021
080E0000 06616FE0 B4000081 F9409901
080E0000 06616FD8 D65F03C0 B9400040
080E0000 06616FD0 29000040 54000041
080E0000 06616FC8 7100043F B9402021
080E0000 06616FC0 B4000081 F9409901
080E0000 06616DA0 D65F03C0 B9002900
080E0000 06616D98 B9400520 54FFFFA1
080E0000 06616D90 6B02003F 340000A2
080E0000 06616D88 B85F8D22 B9402501
040E0000 06616D84 10000009
040E0000 044A7718 1485BD9B
080E0000 06616D7C 00000000 FFFFFFFF
080E0000 06616D74 00000000 FFFFFFFF
080E0000 06616D6C 00000000 FFFFFFFF
080E0000 06616D64 00000000 FFFFFFFF
080E0000 06616D5C 00000000 FFFFFFFF
080E0000 06616D54 00000000 FFFFFFFF
080E0000 06616D4C 00000000 00000000

[Restore Code (Use after unchecking any cheats below)]
040E0000 03722D68 D65F03C0
040E0000 03724238 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723E78 D65F03C0
040E0000 03724058 D65F03C0
040E0000 03722FA8 D65F03C0
040E0000 037231D8 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723408 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723C78 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723BF8 D65F03C0
040E0000 03722E68 D65F03C0
040E0000 03722DA8 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723638 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723678 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723C38 D65F03C0
040E0000 037237F8 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723838 D65F03C0
040E0000 037236B8 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723738 D65F03C0
040E0000 037237B8 D65F03C0
040E0000 037236F8 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723778 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723AB8 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723A78 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723A38 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723AF8 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723B38 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723B78 D65F03C0
040E0000 037238B8 D65F03C0
040E0000 037238F8 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723938 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723978 D65F03C0
040E0000 037239B8 D65F03C0
040E0000 037239F8 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723CF8 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723D38 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723D78 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723DB8 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723DF8 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723E38 D65F03C0
040E0000 03722DE8 D65F03C0
040E0000 03722E28 D65F03C0
040E0000 03723BB8 D65F03C0
040E0000 044B098C 0B080120
040E0000 044B11FC 0B010100
040E0000 044A7718 D65F03C0
040E0000 0359CD7C B9404108

[№ 1. Lifespan 999]
080E0000 06616FB8 14000009 9100D102
040E0000 06616FB4 5285DA80
040E0000 03722D68 14BBD093

[№ 2. Mood 999/999]
080E0000 06616FAC 14000004 91042102
040E0000 06616FA8 52807CE0
040E0000 03724238 14BBCB5C

[№ 3. Health 999/999]
080E0000 06616FA0 14000007 9101B102
040E0000 06616F9C 52807CE0
040E0000 03723E78 14BBCC49

[№ 4. Stamina 999/999]
080E0000 06616F94 1400000A 91027102
040E0000 06616F90 52807CE0
040E0000 03724058 14BBCBCE

[№ 5. Vitality 9999999/9999999]
080E0000 06616F88 1400000D 9101D102
080E0000 06616F80 7292CFE0 52A01300
040E0000 03722FA8 14BBCFF6

[№ 6. Energy 9999999/9999999]
080E0000 06616F78 14000011 9101F102
080E0000 06616F70 7292CFE0 52A01300
040E0000 037231D8 14BBCF66

[№ 7. Focus 9999999/9999999]
080E0000 06616F68 14000015 91021102
080E0000 06616F60 7292CFE0 52A01300
040E0000 03723408 14BBCED6

[№ 8. Luck 200]
080E0000 06616F58 14000021 91026102
040E0000 06616F54 52801900
040E0000 03723C78 14BBCCB7

[№ 9. Insight 200]
080E0000 06616F4C 14000024 9101A102
040E0000 06616F48 52801900
040E0000 03723BF8 14BBCCD4

[№10. Reputation 120000]
080E0000 06616F40 14000027 91011102
080E0000 06616F38 729A9800 52A00020
040E0000 03722E68 14BBD034

[№11. Charisma Immortal Appearance]
080E0000 06616F30 1400002B 9100E102
040E0000 06616F2C 5284E1E0
040E0000 03722DA8 14BBD061

[№12. ATK 99999]
080E0000 06616F24 1400002E 91023102
080E0000 06616F1C 7290D3E0 52A00020
040E0000 03723638 14BBCE39

[№13. DEF 99999]
080E0000 06616F14 14000032 91024102
080E0000 06616F0C 7290D3E0 52A00020
040E0000 03723678 14BBCE25

[№14. Travel Speed 9999]
080E0000 06616F04 14000036 91025102
040E0000 06616F00 5284E1E0
040E0000 03723C38 14BBCCB2

[№15. Martial RES 9999]
080E0000 06616EF8 14000039 9102E102
040E0000 06616EF4 5284E1E0
040E0000 037237F8 14BBCDBF

[№16. Spiritual RES 9999]
080E0000 06616EEC 1400003C 9102F102
040E0000 06616EE8 5284E1E0
040E0000 03723838 14BBCDAC

[№17. CRIT 99999]
080E0000 06616EE0 1400003F 91029102
080E0000 06616ED8 7290D3E0 52A00020
040E0000 037236B8 14BBCE08

[№18. CRIT RES 99999]
080E0000 06616ED0 14000043 9102B102
080E0000 06616EC8 7290D3E0 52A00020
040E0000 03723738 14BBCDE4

[№19. Agility 999]
080E0000 06616EC0 14000047 9102D102
040E0000 06616EBC 52807CE0
040E0000 037237B8 14BBCDC1

[№20. CRIT DMG 10000%]
080E0000 06616EB4 1400004A 9102A102
040E0000 06616EB0 5284E200
040E0000 037236F8 14BBCDEE

[№21. CRIT DR 10000%]
080E0000 06616EA8 1400004D 9102C102
040E0000 06616EA4 5284E200
040E0000 03723778 14BBCDCB

[№22. Martial Arts - Blade 999]
080E0000 06616E9C 14000050 91038102
040E0000 06616E98 52807CE0
040E0000 03723AB8 14BBCCF8

[№23. Martial Arts - Spear 999]
080E0000 06616E90 14000053 91037102
040E0000 06616E8C 52807CE0
040E0000 03723A78 14BBCD05

[№24. Martial Arts - Sword 999]
080E0000 06616E84 14000056 91036102
040E0000 06616E80 52807CE0
040E0000 03723A38 14BBCD12

[№25. Martial Arts - Fist 999]
080E0000 06616E78 14000059 91039102
040E0000 06616E74 52807CE0
040E0000 03723AF8 14BBCCDF

[№26. Martial Arts - Palm 999]
080E0000 06616E6C 1400005C 9103A102
040E0000 06616E68 52807CE0
040E0000 03723B38 14BBCCCC

[№27. Martial Arts - Finger 999]
080E0000 06616E60 1400005F 9103B102
040E0000 06616E5C 52807CE0
040E0000 03723B78 14BBCCB9

[№28. Spiritual Root - Fire 999]
080E0000 06616E54 14000062 91030102
040E0000 06616E50 52807CE0
040E0000 037238B8 14BBCD66

[№29. Spiritual Root - Water 999]
080E0000 06616E48 14000065 91031102
040E0000 06616E44 52807CE0
040E0000 037238F8 14BBCD53

[№30. Spiritual Root - Lightning 999]
080E0000 06616E3C 14000068 91032102
040E0000 06616E38 52807CE0
040E0000 03723938 14BBCD40

[№31. Spiritual Root - Wind 999]
080E0000 06616E30 1400006B 91033102
040E0000 06616E2C 52807CE0
040E0000 03723978 14BBCD2D

[№32. Spiritual Root - Earth 999]
080E0000 06616E24 1400006E 91034102
040E0000 06616E20 52807CE0
040E0000 037239B8 14BBCD1A

[№33. Spiritual Root - Wood 999]
080E0000 06616E18 14000071 91035102
040E0000 06616E14 52807CE0
040E0000 037239F8 14BBCD07

[№34. Artisanship - Alchemy 999]
080E0000 06616E0C 14000074 9103C102
040E0000 06616E08 52807CE0
040E0000 03723CF8 14BBCC44

[№35. Artisanship - Forge 999]
080E0000 06616E00 14000077 9103D102
040E0000 06616DFC 52807CE0
040E0000 03723D38 14BBCC31

[№36. Artisanship - Feng Shui 999]
080E0000 06616DF4 1400007A 9103E102
040E0000 06616DF0 52807CE0
040E0000 03723D78 14BBCC1E

[№37. Artisanship - Talismans 999]
080E0000 06616DE8 1400007D 9103F102
040E0000 06616DE4 52807CE0
040E0000 03723DB8 14BBCC0B

[№38. Artisanship - Herbology 999]
080E0000 06616DDC 14000080 91040102
040E0000 06616DD8 52807CE0
040E0000 03723DF8 14BBCBF8

[№39. Artisanship - Mining 999]
080E0000 06616DD0 14000083 91041102
040E0000 06616DCC 52807CE0
040E0000 03723E38 14BBCBE5

[№40. Righteous 9999]
080E0000 06616DC4 14000086 9100E102
040E0000 06616DC0 5284E1E0
040E0000 03722DE8 14BBCFF6

[№41. Demonic 9999]
080E0000 06616DB8 14000089 91010102
040E0000 06616DB4 5284E1E0
040E0000 03722E28 14BBCFE3

[№42. Ability Point 9999]
080E0000 06616DAC 1400008C 91017102
040E0000 06616DA8 5284E1E0
040E0000 03723BB8 14BBCC7C

[№43. Exp 16x]
040E0000 044B098C 0B081120

[№44. Ability Exp 16x]
040E0000 044B11FC 0B011100

[№45. Money 999999]
080E0000 06616D7C 000F423F 00002711

[№46. City Lord Token 9999]
080E0000 06616D74 0000270F 00002739

[№47. Common Enlightenment Sand 999]
080E0000 06616D6C 000003E7 004C9F16

[№48. Good quality Enlightenment Sand 999]
080E0000 06616D64 000003E7 004C9F17

[№49. Best quality Enlightenment Sand 999]
080E0000 06616D5C 000003E7 004C9F18

[№50. Sect Contribution 9999]
080E0000 06616D54 0000270F 0000271B
080E0000 06616D44 D65F03C0 2A0903E8
080E0000 06616D3C B9004109 5284E1E9
040E0000 0359CD7C 94C1E7F0

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