Gigapocalypse Switch v1.0.1 Cheat Codes

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Nintendo Switch game “Gigapocalypse” 8 cheat codes download, compatible with version 1.0.1, for other versions, please search on this site.

The distinctive feature of Gigapocalypse is the ability to choose different “Gigas” from prehistoric times, unknown extraterrestrial realms, and forgotten history. Each one possesses unique skills, mutations, and various skins that can be unlocked through level upgrades.

Below are the detailed cheat codes for everyone. Interested players can give them a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.1

Gigapocalypse v1.0.1 TID: 0100B1201814C000 BID: cc6e764ef4078532

[Gigapocalypse v1.0.1 TID: 0100B1201814C000 BID: cc6e764ef4078532]
[No loss of HP]
04000000 0188F774 D503201F

[unabated anger]
04000000 01868618 14000007

[The number of mutation points is increasing rather than decreasing]
04000000 0198D26C 1E202900
04000000 0198FFA0 1E202900
04000000 018F9A1C 1E212800
04000000 0199C988 1E202900

[No cooldown on skills]
04000000 01966B90 1E2703E0

[No reduction in skill points]
04000000 0199334C 1E204020

[Buff won't go away.]
04000000 01957C50 1E2703E1

[No reduction in food]
04000000 0198B584 51000102

[Score multiplier*100]
04000000 018E4A10 52800C88

Gigapocalypse – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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