Low Story Switch v1.0.0 Cheat Codes

picture[1]-Low Story Switch v1.0.0 Cheat Codes - PANDA-PANDA

Nintendo Switch game “Low Story” 4 cheat codes download, compatible with version 1.0.0, for other versions, please search on this site.

The game is set in a fallen city where corruption prevails, and murders occur frequently. The player’s main task is to search for clues in this vast and enchanting city, interrogate suspects, and uncover deeply buried secrets.

Below are the detailed cheat codes for everyone. Interested players can give them a try.

picture[2]-Low Story Switch v1.0.0 Cheat Codes - PANDA-PANDA

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.0

Low Story v1.0.0 TID: 01002A901CAF4000 BID: 733CC1A11A7D0D78

[Breeze beta84  A Low Story 0 TID: 01002A901CAF4000 BID: 733CC1A11A7D0D78]
[ mj]
04000000 0256F058 BD40CE6D 
04000000 0256F058 BD40CE6D 
04000000 0256F058 1461DE36 
04000000 03DE6930 1C00006D 
04000000 03DE6934 BD00CE6D 
04000000 03DE6938 179E21C9 
04000000 03DE693C 43C80000 

[hp full ohk]
04000000 00B2E5A4 B9400108 
04000000 00B2E5A4 14CAE0E7 
04000000 03DE6940 A9376BF9 
04000000 03DE6944 18000219 
04000000 03DE6948 53103FDA 
04000000 03DE694C 6B1A033F 
04000000 03DE6950 54000141 
04000000 03DE6954 B9400119 
04000000 03DE6958 78500119 
04000000 03DE695C 1800017A 
04000000 03DE6960 6B1A033F 
04000000 03DE6964 540000A1 
04000000 03DE6968 18000139 
04000000 03DE696C B9000119 
04000000 03DE6970 B9001519 
04000000 03DE6974 B9001919 
04000000 03DE6978 B9400108 
04000000 03DE697C A9776BF9 
04000000 03DE6980 17351F0A 
04000000 03DE6984 32240000 
04000000 03DE6988 0000E8D0 
04000000 03DE698C 453B8000 

[disable ohk]
04000000 03DE6970 D503201F 
04000000 03DE6974 D503201F 

[disable hp full]
04000000 03DE696C D503201F 

Low Story – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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