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Nintendo Switch game “STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R” 20 cheat codes download, compatible with version 1.0.2, for other versions, please search on this site.

The original music composer, Motoi Sakuraba, personally remastered the soundtrack for this game. All battle tracks have been re-arranged and performed by an orchestra, while music for landscapes and cutscenes now features additional instruments such as strings, resulting in a more luxurious evolution.

Below are the detailed cheat codes for everyone. Interested players can give them a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.2

STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R v1.0.2 TID: 0100C5601A2E2000 BID: 22C49819E9659642

{STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R v1.0.2 TID: 0100C5601A2E2000 BID: 22C49819E9659642}

04000000 021C3DE8 4B190108
04000000 01E9C464 6B1402E1 
04000000 01E9C508 6B140101
04000000 018E9170 BD017660
04000000 017C6744 1E282800 
04000000 017C674C 1E214C00
04000000 01E9BB7C 6B1402E1
04000000 021C59E4 1A89B3E8
04000000 021C59BC B9005408
04000000 021C59B8 1A89B148
04000000 02BEB8D8 B900E513
04000000 01BC06C0 BD401000
04000000 01A9A34C B9002C1F
04000000 01B348E8 540000AB
04000000 016E78C4 54FFF80C
04000000 01D5555C 0B170129
04000000 02BEBBEC 4B1302C9
04000000 01E9C72C 6B1402E1
04000000 021C89E0 4B160108 
04000000 021C4848 4B000108

[Unlimited MP]
04000000 021C59E4 B9405C08 

[It doesn't hurt me.]
04000000 021C59BC 14295177 
04000000 02C19F98 B940AC07 
04000000 02C19F9C 34000047 
04000000 02C19FA0 B9405008 
04000000 02C19FA4 B9005408 
04000000 02C19FA8 17D6AE86 

04000000 021C59B8 1429517E 
04000000 02C19FB0 B940AC07 
04000000 02C19FB4 34000067 
04000000 02C19FB8 1A89B148 
04000000 02C19FBC 17D6AE80 
04000000 02C19FC0 52800008 
04000000 02C19FC4 17D6AE7E 

[Reward Scale Max]
04000000 02BEB8D8 1400B9BC 
04000000 02C19FC8 110F9E73 
04000000 02C19FCC B900E513 
04000000 02C19FD0 17FF4643 

[Movement speed 2x]
04000000 01BC06C0 1E255000 

[IC success rate 100%]
04000000 01B348E8 14000005 

[automatic gear-change]
04000000 016E78C4 17FFFFC0 

[Experience 5x]
04000000 01D5555C 143B129F 
04000000 02C19FD8 528000A7 
04000000 02C19FDC 1B077D29 
04000000 02C19FE0 0B170129 
04000000 02C19FE4 17C4ED5F 

[FOL increases rather than decreases]
04000000 02BEBBEC 0B1302C9 

[IC material without reduction of category A (regular material)]
04000000 01E9C72C 710002E1 

[SP increases rather than decreases]
04000000 021C3DE8 0B190108 

[BP increases rather than decreases]
04000000 021C89E0 0B160108 
04000000 021C4848 0B000108 

[No reduction in the use of props]
04000000 01E9BB7C 710002E1 

[Assault Character Quick Charge]
04000000 017C6744 1F082000 
04000000 017C674C 1F000000 

[No CD for using props]
04000000 018E9170 B901767F 

[IC material does not reduce category B (mines, equipment)]
04000000 01E9C464 710002E1 
04000000 01E9C508 71000101 

[Compulsory redemption by anglers]
04000000 01A9A34C B9002C08 

STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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