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Nintendo Switch game “Souldiers” 26 cheat codes download – compatible with version 6.0.0, for other versions, please search within this site.

Players will take on the role of a warrior fighting for the glory of the kingdom, exploring the world of “Terragaya,” where the boundaries between life and death blur, and searching for the location of the Guardians while battling various strange enemies.

Below are the detailed cheat codes for those interested to give it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 6.0.0

Souldiers v6.0.0 TID: 0100439016FF6000 BID: 5D203792DF3B534B

{Souldiers v6.0.0 TID: 0100439016FF6000 BID: 5D203792DF3B534B}

040B0000 02C08D60 1E210800
040B0000 02C08D64 10000001
040B0000 02C08D68 B9403020
040B0000 02C08D6C 34000060
040B0000 02C08D70 1E220001
040B0000 02C08D74 1E210800
040B0000 02C08D78 D65F03C0
040B0000 02C08D7C B94032C8
040B0000 02C08D80 7100051F
040B0000 02C08D84 54000041
040B0000 02C08D88 1E2F1002
040B0000 02C08D8C 1E290848
040B0000 02C08D90 D65F03C0

[invincible Open]
040B0000 014A9580 37580060

[Invincible Off]
040B0000 014A9580 37000060

[Gold 8x]
040B0000 029F2020 0B010FF4

[life will not abate]
040B0000 014A9770 14000006
040B0000 014ACBD0 36581E40

[not weakening]
040B0000 029FD630 1E203809
040B0000 0144C370 1E204140

[the magic remains intact]
040B0000 029FEA6C 1E204109

[props are not diminished]
040B0000 029F7CDC 4B1F0108

[Must Blitz]
040B0000 02A435BC D503201F

[Infinite Jump]
040B0000 0150CA08 14000006
040B0000 0150CA70 4B000008

[4x experience value]
040B0000 029F1FD8 0B140908

[8x experience value]
040B0000 029F1FD8 0B140D08

[16x experience value]
040B0000 029F1FD8 0B141108

[Tumbling without cooldown]
040B0000 02A928D0 1E2703E0

[Movement speed increase]
040B0000 02B4561C 94030DD8

[No reduction in proficiency in holy relics]
040B0000 02B14850 52800002

[Automatic pickup of props]
040B0000 02B14850 375801A0

040B0000 014906A8 14000008

[Must have equipment. - Close.]
040B0000 014906A8 54000109

[Career skills unlocked]
040B0000 016DDA3C 52800000
040B0000 016DFBF0 14000003

[Players will not be blitzed]
040B0000 014A9554 360800E0

[2x bludgeoning damage to enemy]
040B0000 02A435D0 940715E4
040B0000 02C08D94 00000002

[4x bludgeoning damage to enemy]
040B0000 02A435D0 940715E4
040B0000 02C08D94 00000004

[6x bludgeoning damage to enemy]
040B0000 02A435D0 940715E4
040B0000 02C08D94 00000006

[Forge Shopping Exempt Gold]
040B0000 015720B8 52800000
040B0000 015720F0 52800000

[No materials needed for forging Open]
040B0000 02A1062C B900141F
040B0000 02A106B0 0A3F03E8

[No materials required for forging Close]
040B0000 02A1062C B9401416
040B0000 02A106B0 1B137EC8

[Omni-Automatic Gear]
040B0000 014A95F0 2A3F03E8
040B0000 014A96C8 320007FA
040B0000 014A96CC 14000084
040B0000 014AA030 1A891134

[Displays the enemy's weak blood bar]
040B0000 02BAF9D0 520003E0
040B0000 02BAF9D4 D65F03C0

[Enemy defense mechanisms fail]
040B0000 02A43704 365800A8

[Automatic counterattack after perfect defense]
040B0000 014A9B48 52A85908
040B0000 01507458 D503201F

[Wizard Weapon Scale Max]
040B0000 0151D950 D503201F
040B0000 0151D980 4EA91D21

[Archer's arrow count Max]
040B0000 014A5550 51000108
040B0000 014A55EC 51000280

[Bowman's double arrows are no less powerful]
040B0000 014A3A08 1E2E1000

[Scout Defense Instinct Effect Resident]
040B0000 014A95A8 1E2703E1
040B0000 014A987C 1E2703E1

[Double the life-sucking effect of jewelry]
040B0000 01498E0C 1E241008

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