Souldiers Switch v3.0.0 Cheat Codes

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Nintendo Switch game “Souldiers” 9 cheat codes download – compatible with version 3.0.0, for other versions, please search within this site.

As a 16-bit pixel-style game, the overall visual quality of “Souldiers” may not be considered trendy or top-notch in 2022, but you can still see the dedication of the development team and their rich production experience in the countless scene animations, multi-layered backgrounds, and interactive details between characters and landscapes.

Below are the detailed cheat codes for those interested to give it a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 3

Souldiers v3 TID: 0100439016FF6000 BID: 73C6EAE859FA7E4E

[Breeze beta36 Souldiers 3 TID: 0100439016FF6000 BID: 73C6EAE859FA7E4E]
[Inf ammo]
04000000 014B7ED0 D503201F 

[Inf potion]
04000000 029EEACC 52800C88 

04000000 0145F3B8 BD001A60 
04000000 0145EDB0 BD401800 
04000000 0145F358 1E220001 

[Moon Jump]
580F0000 04DC5068 
580F1000 000000B8 
580F1000 00000018 
580F1000 00000190 
580F1000 000000A0 
780F0000 0000004C 
640F0000 C37A0000 41A00000 

[HP 1000]
04000000 0145EDB0 145E9DFE 
08000000 02C065A8 52819619 A9376BF9 
08000000 02C065B0 6B1A033F 12003FDA 
08000000 02C065B8 BD401800 54000080 
08000000 02C065C0 17A161FC A9776BF9 
08000000 02C065C8 B9001819 18000099 
08000000 02C065D0 17FFFFFA B9001C19 
04000000 02C065D8 447A0000 

[One hit kill you need HP 1000 or you will die too]
04000000 0145F3B8 145E9C89 
08000000 02C065DC B9401E79 A9376BF9 
08000000 02C065E4 6B1A033F 180000DA 
08000000 02C065EC B9001A7F 54000040 
08000000 02C065F4 17A16371 A9776BF9 
04000000 02C065FC 447A0000 

[Attacks are 8x stronger (enemy's too)]
04000000 0145F358 145E9CAA 
08000000 02C06600 1E220001 531D7000 
04000000 02C06608 17A16355 

Souldiers – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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