The Last Hero of Nostalgaia Switch v2.0.22 Cheat Codes

picture[1]-The Last Hero of Nostalgaia Switch v2.0.22 Cheat Codes - PANDA-PANDA

Nintendo Switch game “The Last Hero of Nostalgaia” cheat codes download, featuring 18 cheats, compatible with version 2.0.22; for other versions, please search on the official website.

The level design in this game is exceptionally high. Take, for example, the blacksmith before the first boss. The bonfire (heart lamp) where the blacksmith is located connects four sandbox-like large maps. These four maps are spread throughout the early, middle, and late stages of the game, similar to the positioning of the blacksmith in Dark Souls.

Here are the detailed cheat codes for those interested players to try out.

picture[2]-The Last Hero of Nostalgaia Switch v2.0.22 Cheat Codes - PANDA-PANDA

Spoiler: Code Version 2.0.22

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia v2.0.22 TID: 0100B1C019988000 BID: 16E367C68FA27E7D

[Breeze beta79a The Last Hero of Nostalgaia 2.0.22 TID: 0100B1C019988000 BID: 16E367C68FA27E7D]
[pixel no dec]
04000000 01AE5300 B9008801 
04000000 01AE5300 D503201F 

[hp no dec]
04000000 0191B61C BD002A60 
04000000 0191B61C D503201F 

[access no dec]
04000000 01AD67A8 B9008A74 
04000000 01AD67A8 D503201F 

[memory add x4]
04000000 01562790 0B140108 
04000000 01562790 0B140908 

[stm no dec (light strike)]
04000000 0192040C BD003263 
04000000 0192040C D503201F 

[stm no dec (heavy strike)]
04000000 019205AC BD003263 
04000000 019205AC D503201F 

[stm no dec (run)]
04000000 01920184 BD003260 
04000000 01920184 D503201F 

[stm recovery 10x]
04000000 019269E0 52A84908 
04000000 019269E0 52A87F48 

[stm add (for research only, do nothing)]
04000000 01926A28 BD003260 

[Off enable]
04000000 01AE5300 B9008801 
04000000 0191B61C BD002A60 
04000000 01AD67A8 B9008A74 
04000000 01562790 0B140108 
04000000 0192040C BD003263 
04000000 019205AC BD003263 
04000000 01920184 BD003260 
04000000 019269E0 52A84908 

[Activate stats pointer by looking at player stats]
04000000 0156DA00 B9416408 
04000000 0156DA00 146534E6 
04000000 02EBAD98 A9376BF9 
04000000 02EBAD9C A93873FB 
04000000 02EBADA0 A9397BFD 
04000000 02EBADA4 91059019 
04000000 02EBADA8 F940033A 
04000000 02EBADAC D2800DBD 
04000000 02EBADB0 B000DC7B 
04000000 02EBADB4 9124C37B 
04000000 02EBADB8 F9000379 
04000000 02EBADBC A9776BF9 
04000000 02EBADC0 A97873FB 
04000000 02EBADC4 A9797BFD 
04000000 02EBADC8 B9416408 
04000000 02EBADCC 179ACB0E 

580F0000 04A47930 
640F0000 0000000D 00000010 

580F0000 04A47930 
780F0000 00000004 
640F0000 0000000D 0000000D 

[equip load]
580F0000 04A47930 
780F0000 00000008 
640F0000 0000000A 0000000D 

580F0000 04A47930 
780F0000 0000000C 
640F0000 0000000A 0000000A 

580F0000 04A47930 
780F0000 00000010 
640F0000 0000000F 0000000A 

580F0000 04A47930 
780F0000 00000014 
640F0000 00000006 0000000F 

580F0000 04A47930 
780F0000 00000018 
640F0000 00000004 00000006 

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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