Potion Permit Switch v1.0.3 Cheat Codes

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Download 20 cheat codes for the Nintendo Switch game “Potion Permit,” compatible with version 1.0.3. For other versions, please search within the website.

The game features a rich set of gameplay mechanics, including diagnosis, collection, and synthesis. During diagnosis, the game introduces gameplay elements such as rhythm games and memory mini-games, slightly enhancing the overall enjoyment.

Below is the detailed content of its cheat codes for players interested in giving them a try.

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.3

Potion Permit v1.0.3 TID: 010025F0126FE000 BID: C569DC63AEBEDC86

{Potion Permit v1.0.3 TID: 010025F0126FE000 BID: C569DC63AEBEDC86}
040C0000 0193E24C BD400108
040C0000 016FE8E0 BD403400
040C0000 01C12A58 143BE9EA
040C0000 01C12A6C B9002A60
040C0000 01C11DEC 4B160115
040C0000 01C11A54 BD401E61
040C0000 01A8B0CC 0B160100
040C0000 01748530 51000508
040C0000 017F3D70 51000508
040C0000 01A29538 71000508
040C0000 017471FC 4B130108
040C0000 016EF2C0 51000508
040C0000 01748184 0B090116
040C0000 01747920 0B090149
040C0000 01747AB0 4B130129
040C0000 01747918 B9402509
040C0000 01747C00 0B090149
040C0000 01747D90 4B130129
040C0000 01747BF8 B9402909
040C0000 0174A4A8 B940D509
040C0000 01A10058 0B080128
040C0000 01A24010 B9401008
040C0000 0170A2E4 5400006A
040C0000 0184FB84 54000F2D
040C0000 0184B5B0 51000508
040C0000 01733A50 1E203900
040C0000 0190CCE0 FC1D0FE8
040C0000 01734680 0B130129
040C0000 017477D0 4B130129
040C0000 017477CC B9402109
080C0000 02B0D200 54000041 F10000FF
080C0000 02B0D208 0B1602E0 17C41615
080C0000 02B0D210 F10000FF 17C41613
080C0000 02B0D218 B9002A60 54000061
080C0000 02B0D220 B9002A7F 17C41614
080C0000 02B0D228 18000089 17C41612
080C0000 02B0D230 18000049 17B0E9BB
080C0000 02B0D238 0001869F 17B0EA71
080C0000 02B0D240 17AFC5A8 1C000040
080C0000 02B0D248 18FFFF89 43E10000
080C0000 02B0D250 1C000088 17B0E961
080C0000 02B0D258 1C000068 17B8C3FE
080C0000 02B0D260 44070000 17B8C3FC
080C0000 02B0D268 00000000 444A8000

[←/→ Stop/Resume Time | ↑/↓ Time 12/6 PM]
040C0000 0193E264 D503201F
040C0000 0193E264 BD000100
040C0000 0193E24C 14473C02
040C0000 0193E24C 14473C04

[(ZL) Speed Up]
040C0000 016FE8E0 14503A58

[Inf. Health]
040C0000 01C12A58 143BE9EA

040C0000 01C12A6C 143BE9EA

[Inf. Stamina]
040C0000 01C11DEC 0B160115

[Inf. Barrel Rolls]
040C0000 01C11A54 1E2703E1

[Tools Max Damage]
040C0000 01A8B0CC 2A1F03E0

[Inf. Items]
040C0000 01748530 4B1F0108
040C0000 017F3D70 4B1F0108
040C0000 01A29538 6B1F0108
040C0000 017471FC 4B1F0108
040C0000 016EF2C0 4B1F0108

[Items x2]
040C0000 01748184 0B090516
[Items x4]
040C0000 01748184 0B090916
[Items x16]
040C0000 01748184 0B091116
[Items x32]
040C0000 01748184 0B091516

[Lumber x2]
040C0000 01747920 0B090549
[Lumber x4]
040C0000 01747920 0B090949
[Lumber x16]
040C0000 01747920 0B091149
[Lumber x32]
040C0000 01747920 0B091549

[Inf. Lumber]
040C0000 01747AB0 4B1F0129

[Max Lumber (Get Min 1)]
040C0000 01747918 144F1645

[Stones x2]
040C0000 01747C00 0B090549
[Stones x4]
040C0000 01747C00 0B090949
[Stones x16]
040C0000 01747C00 0B091149
[Stones x32]
040C0000 01747C00 0B091549

[Inf. Stones]
040C0000 01747D90 4B1F0129

[Max Stones (Get Min 1)]
040C0000 01747BF8 144F158F

[Pet Dog for Max Affection]
040C0000 0174A4A8 52807D09

[Talk to Villager for Max Trust]
040C0000 01A10058 52807D08

[Get Recipe after Brewing once]
040C0000 01A24010 52800C68

[Easy Minigames Hit once for Success]
040C0000 0170A2E4 14000003
040C0000 0184FB84 14000079
040C0000 0184B5B0 4B1F0108

[Freeze Minigame Timer]
040C0000 01733A50 1E27D000

[(ZL) Easy Fishing (Release ZL to Catch Fish)]
040C0000 0190CCE0 D65F03C0

[Money gain fron Selling x2]
040C0000 01734680 0B130529
[Money gain fron Selling x4]
040C0000 01734680 0B130929
[Money gain fron Selling x16]
040C0000 01734680 0B131129
[Money gain fron Selling x32]
040C0000 01734680 0B131529

[Inf. Money]
040C0000 017477D0 4B1F0129

[Max Money after Purchase]
040C0000 017477CC 144F16A0

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