Vostok 2061 Switch v1.0.0 Cheat Codes

picture[1]-Vostok 2061 Switch v1.0.0 Cheat Codes - PANDA-PANDA

Cheat codes for the Nintendo Switch game “Vostok 2061” are available for download, compatible with version 1.0.0. For other versions, please search on the website.

In the game, players take on the role of a new graduate from the Earth Aeronautics Academy, assigned to the edge of known space. Your mission is to investigate strange behavior among colonists and face unknown threats in the ZPDN-A region.

Below are the detailed cheat codes for players interested in giving them a try.

picture[2]-Vostok 2061 Switch v1.0.0 Cheat Codes - PANDA-PANDA

Spoiler: Code Version 1.0.0

Vostok 2061 v1.0.0 TID: 010036001BBAE000 BID: A7833A29BBB58648

[Breeze beta82  Vostok 2061 1.0.0 TID: 010036001BBAE000 BID: A7833A29BBB58648]
[score x16]
04000000 02AA8428 0B080128 
04000000 02AA8428 0B081128 

04000000 02A8F614 11000108 
04000000 02A8D710 11000108 

04000000 02905368 BD011A68 
04000000 02905368 142C7EC4 
04000000 03424E78 1C000068 
04000000 03424E7C BD011A68 
04000000 03424E80 17D3813B 
04000000 03424E84 42C80000 

[Off enable]
04000000 02AA8428 0B080128 
04000000 02A8F614 51000508 
04000000 02905368 BD011A68 
04000000 02A8D710 51000508 

Vostok 2061 – Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

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